Hezekiah English Family

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Hezekiah English

Born Aug. 2, 1776 Died Feb. 3, 1850 s/o of William and Polly English. Hezekiah came to Town of Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY with is parents about the year of 1794. They owned land in Ellis Hollow, on the corner of Ellis Hollow Road and Genung Road.

There is a family cemetery off Genung Road near where Knoll Tree Road is today. It is called the English Cemetery. This is where Hezekiah English is buried, other headstones were there in the 1950’s, but Hezekiah’s is the only one which remains today.

Hezekiah married; first Mary Pryor and they had two children;

                     1.      Elisha English who married Louisa White.
                 2.      Hannah English who married Nathaniel Scofeld/Scofield, and 2nd John Gilson.
      Hezekiah married for his second wife; Mary "Polly" Cornelius born May 11, 1792 in Orange Co., NY unknown when she died, she was the daughter of John & Abagail (Osburn/Osborn) Cornelius. Hezekiah and Polly had 14 children as follows;

    1.  Nancy English married Michael Hall

    2.  Charlotte English married Jesse Schofield, they had 3 children, names unknown, Charlotte moved to Pennsylvania and presumed to have died there.

    3.  Jesse English born Aug. 31, 1811 died May 27, 1894 married Mary Genung born Nov. 14, 1813 died Sept. 23, 1897, she was the daughter of Aaron & Rebecca (Snyder) Genung. They lived on Snyder Hill, Town of Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY. They had the following children; Jesse U.; Rebecca Jane "Jennie"; Ada; Emma; Phebe; Mary; Luther; Hezekiah; Darling.  Jesse U.  married Corilla Teeter; Rebecca Jane "Jennie" married James Sears; Ada, Emma; Phebe; Mary all died as children; Luther married Samantha Teeter; Hezekiah married Alice Knowton; Darling married Adaline Teeter.

    4.  Maria English born______died______ married Adam VanOrder, they lived in the Jacksonville area, Tompkins Co., NY. Their children were; William; Hezekiah [see below at Obit.]; Elizabeth; Lucretia.  

    5.  Catherine "Kate" English born ? died July 10, 1857 married Samuel Hildebrant, they lived in the town of Caroline at one time.  They  had the following children found; Robert; Elihu; Emett; John; Mary; Lydia. Robert Hildebrant lived in Town of Caroline, with wife Mary____.  John moved to Trumansburg, and married Caroline Vann, they are buried in Trumansburg Grove Cemetery, see below.  Unknown who others married.

    6.  Elizabeth English born about 1819 died ? married John Overacker the son of Albert & Mary (Avery) Overacker, they had the following children; Albert; Hezekiah; John, Mary Ann; Sarah Ann; Elizabeth Jane; Burton. See Genealogy for Overackers Six of these children all died the same month of diphtheria.  Hezekiah Overacker married Rachel Seloma Hoffman.

    7.  William English born April 3, 1819 died ? He is buried in the English Cemetery, according to the diary of another family member,  reads, William moved away, and when he died his body was brought back and buried in the Old English Cemetery, now owned  by Charlotte Pew, his would be Charlotte English who married Fred Pew, she was the daughter of Elihu English.  He  married Marriet Lawrence, they had the following children; William; Sara; Mary; Hannah; Nancy; and Ella.  From Presidents, Soldiers, Statesmen, Volume II - Steuben Co., NY edition H. H. Hardesty, Publishers, New York, Toledo and Chicago (1896) page 1211 and 1212 it is written; William English was born at Dryden, NY., April 3, 1819 and was a son of Hezekiah and Mary (Cornelius) English, he settled in Steuben County, NY in 1854 and was married at Dryden, (it states) Cortland County, (Dryden is not in Cortland Co., it is in Tompkins Co., NY) William married Mariette Lawrence, whose parents, were; Henry & Eliza (Boyce) Lawrence, Mariette was born October 182_, at Cherry Valley, NY.  To this marriage five children have been given; Mary E.; Sarah A.; Nancy; Ella; and William.  Comrade English waas by occupation a farmer at hte time of his enlistment which occurred at the age of 44 years, July, 1863, at Elmira, NY.  he was enrooled (pg. 1212 as a private in Co., H, 97th  N.Y.V.I., 3d Brig., 20th A. C.   He took an active part in the Wilderness Campaign, and all the engagements of his command to the surrender of Lee at Appomattox C. H., receiving his honorable discharge at Syracuse, NY., July 1865, upon the close of the war; His father, Hezekiah English was a U.S. soldier in the War of 1812.  A son - in - law John Thompson served in the Union army and fell at the battle of Hatchers Run; his wife's brother, Lawrence served in a Minn. Regt. and fwas killed at Gettysburg.  Comrade English recieves a pension, his occupation is that of a farmer and he may be addressed at Corning, NY.

    8.  Hezekiah English born Nov. 30, 1820 died July 8, 1909 He married Mariah ______ [two records have been found for her; Mariah Overacker; Mariah Shaw] He married 2nd to Emily McCrary.  They are all buried in Snyder Hill Cemetery, Town of Dryden, Tompkins Co.  Have not found record of any children.

    9.  John C. English born 1823 died Feb. 21, 1906 married Rebecca Jane Genung born 1825 died 1907 she was the daughter of  Aaron & Rebecca (Snyder) Genung.  They lived on Snyder Hill, Town of Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY. They had the following children; Charles; Orrin; Elmer; John; Ida; Lavina and Mary.  They are buried in Snyder Hill Cemetery, Town of Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY.  Charles never married; Orrin married Ella Parks and then her cousin Estella Parks; Elmer married Addie Davenport; John H. married Elizabeth Cornelius; Ida married 1st Werbert Love and 2nd Daniel E. Palmer; Lavina married Gabriel Thompson; Mary married Burdett W. Ross.

    10. Elihu English born May 23, 1826 died Jan. 22, 1897 married Mary Overacker born 1826 died 1899, she was the daughter of Albert & Mary (Avery) Overacker.  Elihu and Mary lived on Genung Road, Ellis Hollow Town of Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY.  They had the following Children; Thomas; George; Eugene; Albert; Emma; Charlotte; Elizabeth Mary. Thomas married Judith Williams; George married Viola Williams; Eugene married; Flora Skinner; Albert married Louise ____; Emma died as a young women; Charlotte married Fred Pew; Elizabeth Mary married David Raub.

    11. Philander English born abt. 1828 died ? Still living in 1892, married Unknown who she was, 1850 census lists her as Phidelia, 1892 list her as Fidelia, a marriage record for their daughter lists her as A. Sloughter, English records lists her as Delia Delong.  They had the following children that have been found; Louise, she may of been called Katy that was born about the same time as Louise, or they may of had another daughter Katy.; Hezekiah; Daniel E. [another records states Eddy this could be Daniel  Edward] A cemetery lot in Snyder Hill Cemetery is owned by Philander English, it is unknown if he and his wife are buried there in unmarked graves.  Louise married Jared Poole; Hezekiah married Helena Rice.

    12. Joseph Enlish born May 17, 1830 died Aug. 14, 1903  He married Sally Payne born March 17, 1834 died May 6, 1901, They are both buried in Caroline Grove Cemetery, Town of Caroline, Tompkins Co., NY. They are not known to have had any children.

    13. Lewis English born Jan. 16, 1833 died Oct. 31 1900 married Harriet Jane Overacker born Aug. 18, 1833 died Dec. 15, 1920 She was the daughter of Albert & Mary (Avery) Overacker.  They lived in The Town of Dryden, Tompkins Co., NY. They had the following children; Elora; Carrie; Hattie; Addie; Cora; Ella; Ellsworth. Elora married James Edward Banfield; Carrie married E. J. Reed; Hattie married Russell Hart; Addie married Edgar Apgar; Cora married William Knox; Ella married Harrison Hogland; Ellsworth married Minnie VanDeMark.

    14. Sarah Ann English born 1836 died March 21, 1898 married Benjamin Letts; The children that have been recorded.  Frank Letts and Nancy Letts who married a Davis.  In the 1865 Ithaca Census, lists as follows; Benj. 36 yrs., born in Tompkins Co., NY, Sarah Ann 25 yrs., with 2 children, Nancy age 11 and Benj. age 5.  It is believed that Benj. the son was Benjamin Franklin Letts.

    See Mariah English # 4 Hezekiah VAN ORDER, aged 77 years, died at 11 o'clock yesterday morning at his home in Jacksonville. He had been in feeble health for some time and for the past six months had been confined to his bed. Mr. VAN ORDER was born in Ithaca and came to Jacksonville to live when a small boy. He was the oldest and last surviving member of a large family, which was highly respected by all. He was a carpenter by trade. He is survived by his widow, Sarah E.; five sons, Fred, Howard, Arthur, Wilson and Robert. The funeral will be held Sunday at 2 p.m. from his late home, Rev. Mr. Pasche of Jacksonville officiating. Interment will be in the Trumansburg cemetery. ITHACA JOURNAL; 10 April 1909
    See Lewis English # 13 Mrs. Carrie R. Reed, 72 died Saturday afternoon, Oct. 20 at her home in Varna.  The furneral will be held at the home Tuesday, Oct. 23, at 2 pm.  Rev. M. L. Taylor of Syracuse, former pastor of the Varna Methodist Episcopal Church, will conduct teh service.  Interment will be in Pleasant Grove Cemetery.  Mrs. Reed is survived by three sisters, Mrs. Ellora Banfield, of Ithaca, Mrs. Cora Knox of Atwaters, and Mrs. Hattie Hart of California.
    See Elihu English # 10 Mrs. George W. English; Mrs. Viola E. English, 84 , died Sunday night, March 29, 1936, at her home on the Slaterville Road.  She is survived by five sons, Peter, of Brooktondale; Elihu of Breesport; George of Ithaca; Earl of Dundee and DeForest English of Groton;  a daughter Mrs. Emma Dann of Ithaca; 16 grandchildren, and five great grandchildren.  The funeral will be held at the Snyder Hill Church at 2 pm Wednesday.
    See Elihu English # 10 Peter T. English son of George and Viola English Peter T. English , 63 , died at 2 pm Tuesday, Nov. 30, 1937 at the home of his daughter Mrs. Ernest Meacham of Caroline Center.  Mr. English was a resident of Brooktondale.  Furneral services will be conducted at the Nazarene Church in Brooktondale at 2 o'clock pm Thursday, the Rev. Mr. Sherman officiating.  A prayer service will take place at the home at 1:30 p.m.  Burial will be at Snyder Hill Cemetery.  Besides his daughter, Mrs. Meacham,  he is survived by another daughter Gertrude English of Slaterville Springs; four grandchildren; three brothers, Elihu English of Breesport, Earl of Dundee and DeForest of Groton, and one sister, Mrs. Emma Dann of Liverpool.

    East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY

    English,        Ruth May (Barto) w/o Robert English     d. July 31, 1987 ae 82y                    (& d/o Lewis & Cora (Chase) Barto)
    English,        Robert M. s/o Elmer & Addie (Davenport) d. Nov. 21, 1984 ae 73y
    English,        Addie, (Davenport) w/o Elmer            b. Mar. 17, 1867 d. June 22, 1922/3
    English,        Corilla (Teeter)  w/o Jesse U.          d. Sept. 3, 1909 ae 59y
    English,        Ella (Crutts)  w/o Myron T.             d. Aug. 19, 1962 ae 80y 13d
    English,        Elmer, s/o John & Rebecca (Genung)      d. Mar. 24, 1945 ae 83y 15d
    English,        Jesse U.                                d. Oct. 1917 ae 69y
    English,        Myron T.                                d. May 27, 1956 ae 74y 9m 23d

    Ross,           Burdette W.                             1858-1936
    Ross,           Mary Alice (English), w/o Burette W.    1858-1915                     (d/o John & Rebecca (Genung) English)

    Trumansburg Grove Cemetery, Trumansburg, Tompkins Co., NY

    English,        Maurice E.             Lot 1463                d. Mar. 13, 1965 ae 60y
    English,        Ruth L.                   Lot 1408                d. Apr. 16, 1994 ae 62y

    Hildebrant,     Lizzie J.       d/o John and Caroline
    Hildebrant        Lot 604      d. Feb. 2, 1887 ae 19y 11m 26d
    Hilderbrant,    Caroline Van   w/o John
    Hildebrant             Lot 604                 d. Mar. 16, 1877 ae 33y
    Hildebrant,     John   s/o Samuel & Catherine (English)
    Hildebrant   Lot 604     d. 1867 ae 35y

    Coates,        Roger Frederick     Lot 1463                d. Apr. 28, 1964 ae infant
    Coats,          Brenda Lee            Lot 1463                d. Jun. 5, 1963 ae 12 d

    Stiles,           Bertha                    Lot 1463                d. Jan. 19, 1966 ae 87 y 2 m 22 d
    Stiles,           Harold                    Lot 1463               d. Jan. 28, 1965 ae 60 y                     [Unknown who they are, same lot as Maurice English] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

    NOTE: These stones are grouped in a rectangle, around a central "VANORDER" marker.

    VanOrder,       Fred W.                                                  1869-1944
    VanOrder,       Howard E. VanOrder                              1873-1938
    VanOrder,       Foster D. VanOrder                                1871-1895
    VanOrder,       Velnettie A. VanOrder                             1867-1889
    VanOrder,       Sarahe (Foster), his wife                           1843-1924
    VanOrder,       Hezekiah VanOrder                                 1832-1909
    VanOrder,       Wilson R. VanOrder                                1879-1947
    VanOrder,       Edith M. VanOrder                                  1884-1970
    VanOrder,       Malcolm B. VanOrder     "Father"                1905-1974
    VanOrder,       Norman E. VanOrder                     Mar. 1, 1933 - Mar. 24, 1989

    Caroline Grove Cemetery, Town of Caroline, Tompkins Co., NY

    English,        Joseph  s/o Hezekiah & Polly (Cornelius)        May 17, 1830 - Aug. 14, 1903
    English,        Sally A. (Payne) w/o Joseph English             May 17, 1834 - May 6, 1901
    English,        Albert English                                  d. Nov. 29, 1920*
    English,        Fannie English                                  d. Nov. 17, 1922*

    Head,           Baby                                            d. July 29, 1949*
    Head,           Charles L.                                      1882-1958
    Head,           Frances Viola                                   d. Jan. 1, 1919*
    Head,           Levi L.                                         no dates
    Head,           Betsey (Lee) w/o Levi                           d. Aug. 15, 1904  50y
    Head,           Maud (English) w/o Charles                      Apr. 6, 1888 - Feb. 22, 1927
    Head,           Ruth Earsley Northrop                           1846-1923
    Head,           Franklin                                        d. Feb. 15, 1927*

    Hildebrant,     Robert    s/o Samuel & Catherine (English)
    Hildebrant    1840 - d. Jan. 25, 1918* Hildebrant,     Mary, w/o Robert                                1842 - Oct. 31, 1922*

    Snyder Hill Cemetery, Town of Dryden, Tompkins County, NY  

    BESEMER,        Donald R., s/o Marion S. & Doris                b.Aug 8, 1902 d. Aug 16, 1985
    BESEMER,        Ruth A. (English),w/o  of Donald                b. Aug. 16, 1905; d.____                           (d/o  Cary M. & Elva (VanMarter) English) BURLEW,         Kyrle S., s/o Bert & Lena (English) Burlew      1905-1971
    BURLEW,         Lena E. (English),  w/o Bert Burlew             1889-1959                           (d/o  Ellsworth & Minnie (VanDemark) English)

    DYE,                 Jean E. (English),                              1932-1982                          (d/oFrank & Lydia (Cole) English ,buried at Bedford, NY) ENGLISH,        Ada A., d/o Jesse & Mary (Genung) English       b. Jul 25, 1857 d. Sep 26, 1857
    ENGLISH,        Adaline (Teeter), w/o Darling Aaron English     b. June 10, 1843 d. Dec 6, 1931                          (d/o William & Sarah(Miller) Teeter) ENGLISH,        Bertha Elsie (Terwilliger), w/o Foster DeCamp   b. Aug. 25, 1904 d. 1974                          (d/o John & Mary Ann (Hornbrook) Terwilliger) ENGLISH,        Cary Martin, s/o Darling Aaron & Addie (Teeter) b. Sept. 6, 1878 d. Aug 3, 1961
    ENGLISH,        Charles, s/o John & Rebecca J. (Genung)         b. July 5, 1850 d. 1919
    ENGLISH,        Charles  R., s/o Marvin & Alta (Botsford)       1951 - 1963
    ENGLISH,        Clara  E., d/o Thomas & Juda M. (Williams)      1872 - 1873
    ENGLISH,        Cora B. (Shevalier),                            1882 - 1944                    
    ENGLISH,        Darling Aaron, s/o Jesse & Mary (Genung)        b. July 30, 1843 d. Dec 6, 1908
    ENGLISH,        Doris Pearl, d/o Marvin & Alta (Botsford)       d. 1953 4yrs old
    ENGLISH,        Edna E., d/o Fred & Cora (Shevalier)            1911 - 1919
    ENGLISH,        Edward, d/o Fred & Cora (Shevalier)             1906 - 1911
    ENGLISH,        Elihu "Deacon", s/o Hezakiah & Mary (Cornelius) b. May 23, 1826 d. Jan 22 1897
    ENGLISH,        Ellsworth, s/o Lewis & Harried Jane (Overacker) b. Mar. 31, 1866 d. Sep 18,1902
    ENGLISH,        Elva (VanMarter), w/o Cary M. English           b. feb. 13, 1879 d. June__1966                          (d/o Rev. Estus & Margaret VanMarter) ENGLISH,        Emily A., w/o Hezekiah English b. Nov. 27, 1832 d. Nov 7, 1915 (d/o  Joseph & Mary H. (Slocum) McCrary / m. 1st. ____ Eggleton)
    ENGLISH,        Emma A., d/o Jesse & Mary (Genung)              b.June 18, 1853 d. Mar 25, 1862
    ENGLISH,        Emma Rosalia, d/o Elihu & Mary (Overacker)      b. 1862 d. Apr. 29, 1885
    ENGLISH,        Eugene F., s/o Elihu & Mary (Overacker)         b. 1857 d. Sept. 26, 1936
    ENGLISH,        Flora (Davenport), w/o Kenneth English Sr.      1893-1968                          (d/o William & Addie (Rice) Davenport)
    ENGLISH,        Foster DeCamp, s/o Truman & May (DeCamp)        b. Nov. 15, 1900 d. 1971
    ENGLISH,        Frank D., s/o Ellsworth & Minnie E. (VanDemark) 1894 - 1966
    ENGLISH,        Fred H., s/o Hezekiah & Helena (Rice)           1872-1934
    ENGLISH,        George W., s/o Elihu & Mary (Overacker)         b. May 13,1853 d.May 19, 1933
    ENGLISH,        Gerald E., s/o  Eugene & Flora (Skinner)        b. Dec 28, 1880 d. Jul 14, 1903                          (Gerald E., m. Mary (Nichols) ENGLISH,        Grace M., d/o Peter T. & Mary E. (Overacker)    1900-1918
    ENGLISH,        Harriet Jane (Overacker), w/o Lewis             b. Aug 18, 1833 d. Dec 15, 1920                          (d/o Albert & Mary (Avery) Overacker) ENGLISH,        Hezekiah, s/o Hezekiah & Mary (Cornelius) E     b. Nov 30, 1820 d. July 8, 1909
    ENGLISH,        Hezekiah William                                b. Nov 23, 1837 d. Apr 20, 1894(m. Alice Knowlton; s/o Jesse & Mary(Genung) English)
    ENGLISH,        Jesse, s/o Hezekiah & Mary "Polly" (Cornelius)  b. Aug. 31 1811 d. May 27, 1894
    ENGLISH,        John C., s/o Hezekiah & Mary (Cornelius)        b. Mar 5, 1823 d. Feb. 21, 1906
    ENGLISH,        Juda M. (Williams), w/o Thomas English          b. 1847 d. Sept. 1, 1925                          (d/o John  & Melissa (Reynolds) Williams) ENGLISH,        Kenneth H.  Jr., s/o Kenneth & Flora (Davenport)1922-1970                          (he m. Beatrice Personius)
    ENGLISH,        Kenneth H. Sr., s/o Cary M. & Elva (VanMarter)  b. Oct 16, 1899 d. Mar 6, 1992
    ENGLISH,        Leah Samantha, d/o William Jesse & May L.(DeCamp) b. Jan 30, 1893 d. Dec 7, 1981
    ENGLISH,        Lewis, s/o Hezekiah & Mary "Polly" (Cornelius)  b. Jan 16, 1833 d. Oct 31, 1900
    ENGLISH,        Luther Harris, s/o Luther J. & Samantha (Teeter) b. May 13, 1870 d. Apr 1, 1946
    ENGLISH,        Luther J., s/o Jesse & Mary (Genung)            b. Oct. 1835 d. Aug. 5, 1881
    ENGLISH,        Lydia A.(Cole), w/o Frank D. English            1899-1991
    ENGLISH,        Mariah, 1st w/o Hezekiah English                b. Jun 24, 1823 d. Feb 17, 1892
    ENGLISH,        Marvin  A., s/o Arthur & Carrie (Johnson)       b. Sept. 9, 1915 d. Aug 6, 1991
    ENGLISH,        Mary (Genung), w/o Jesse English                b. Nov 14, 1813 d. Sep 23, 1897                          (d/o Aaron & Rebecca (Snyder) Genung)
    ENGLISH,        Mary E.(Overacker), w/o Peter T. English        1874-1934                           (d/o Hezekiah & Celoma R. (Hoffman) Overacker) ENGLISH,        Mary Elizabeth, d/o Jesse & Mary (Genung)       b. Jan. 9, 1846 d. Apr 13, 1862
    ENGLISH,        Mary F.(Overacker), w/o Elihu English           1826-1899                          (d/o Albert & Mary (Avery) Overacker)
    ENGLISH,        May L., (d/o Harold & Sarah (Schnach) DeCamp)   b. Mar. 25, 1861 d. 1950 (w/o William Jesse English & Truman A. English (Brothers))
    ENGLISH,        Minnie (VanDemark),w/o Ellsworth English        b. Apr 18, 1870 d. Sep 10, 1944 (d/o Charles  & Sarah (Maricle) VanDemark)
    ENGLISH,        Pauline (Dennis), 3rd w/o Kenneth English Sr.   b. 1912 (1st w/o John J. Meyer; d/o William & Alberta (Sensadough) Dennis)
    ENGLISH,        Peter T., s/o George & Viola (Williams)         b. 1874 d. Nov. 29, 1937
    ENGLISH,        Phebe C., d/o Jesse & Mary (Genung)             b. Apr 18, 1852 d. Mar 28, 1862
    ENGLISH,        Philander, s/o Hezekiah & Mary "Polly" (Cornelius) b. ca 1827                           (Lot owner, still living in 1894 m. Delia Delong or Sloughter) ENGLISH,        Rebecca J.(Genung), w/o John C. English         b. Apr. 10. 1825 d. 1907                          (d/o Aaron & Rebecca (Snyder) Genung) ENGLISH,        Robert T.,   NY S2 US Navy W W II,              b. July 6, 1915 d. Jun 13, 1972                           (s/o Fred & Cora B. (Shevalier) ENGLISH,        Rusty, s/o Marvin  & Alta (Botsford) English    No dates
    ENGLISH,        Ruth G. (Granger),w/o Robert T. English         b. Apr. 3, 1910; d. Jul 3, 1989                          (d/o Bertone & Grace (Cook) Granger) ENGLISH,        Samantha (Teeter), w/o Luther J. English        b. Sep 23, 1840 d. Nov 11, 1930                         (d/o William & Sarah (Miller) Teeter) ENGLISH,        Thomas, Co. B. 21st N.Y. CAV                    b. 1845 d. Nov. 24, 1918                           (s/o Elihu & Mary (Overacker) English) ENGLISH,        Truman Anderson, s/o Luther & Samantha (Teeter) b. June 5, 1868 d. 1941
    ENGLISH,        Viola  E.(Wiliams), w/o George W.               b. May 6, 1852 d. Mar. 29, 1936 (d/o John Edward & Melissa (Reynolds) Williams)
    ENGLISH,        William Jesse, s/o Luther & Samantha (Teeter)   b. May 1, 1863 d. Oct. 23, 1896
    ENGLISH,        Winona E.(Ostrander), w/o Luther H. English     b. Apr. 19, 1881 d. 1966 (d/o Levi & Ida (Minton) Ostrander; w/o Charles Finkenbinder)
    ENGLISH,        See: Meyer, Dye, Pew, Banfield, Hall, Juhl, Burllew, Besemer

    JUHL,               Anton Jensen, s/o Landitz & Kathreen (Lund)     b. Dec. 13, 1901 d. 1982
    JUHL,               Emma Leona (English), w/o Anton Jensen Juhl     b. Sept. 4, 1907 d. 1981                         (d/o Elmer & Addie (Davenport) English)

    METCHAM,    Nellie Elizabeth(English), w/o Edward Metcham   b. 1898  d. July 4, 1985 (is (buried Quick Cem; d/o Peter T. & Mary E.(Overacker) English)

    PRINCE,         Arthur A. "Dutch", s/o Duke & Almeda (Dates)    1906 - 1977
    PRINCE,         Florence Louise (English)                       b. Nov 6, 1930 d. Jun 2, 1988                         (w/o Glen Lee, Stanley A. "Jack" Prince; d/o Foster DeCamp & Bertha E.(Terwilliger)English)  

    SEARS,          Carl J., s/o Jesse & Rebecca Jane (English) Sears    b. Nov 18, 1913 d. Dec 16, 1992
    SEARS,          Jesse Dioclesian                                b. Apr 11, 1880 d. Jul 1, 1957                       (s/o James M. & Rebecca Jane (English) Sears)
    SEARS,          Lillian Adele (Lynch), w/o Frank John Sears     b. Jan. 3, 1925 d. Apr 27, 1997 (d/o  Bertrand & Hermione (Meddaugh) Lynch)
    SEARS,          Rebecca Ann, d/o Carl J. & Margaret (Fox) Sears       b. Jun 14, 1941 d. Aug 20, 1941
    SEARS,          Rebecca Jane "Jennie", wf. of James M. Sears    b. Jan 21, 1841 d. Nov 22, 1924                        (d/o Jesse & Mary (Genung) English)  

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