The Mitchell Family

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This material is from files of the Mitchell family found at DeWitt Historical Society,
and other sources, census, cemetery records, history books, and other family records.

John Mitchell b. 1727 d. June 21, 1820 93 yrs.   From Mansfield, Sussex Co., NJ.  Came in October 1802 to the
Town of Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY.  John Mitchell  married Hannah _______ b. 1741 d. Dec. 31, 1836 95 yrs.
[Some records claim Hannah is Hannah English ].
Their children: James Mitchell and George Mitchell there could be more children:
+ I.  James Mitchell b. Nov. 1764 d. May 12, 1834 married Lyna ( or Lena ) Clabine [one records states maiden name
is  Clabine another states it is Matette]  b. Aug. 24, 1767 d. Nov. 14, From Mansfield, Sussex Co., NJ.
Buried in Mitchell Cemetery, Ithaca, NY.
1.  William Mitchell  b. July 31, 1791 d. ?  Went away and never hear from again.
2.  Elizabeth Mitchell   b. May 5, 1895 d. May 14, 1857, married Isaac S. Smith.
4.  Robert Mitchell b. April 9, 1792 d. Aug. 9 1802
+5.  John Mitchell b. Oct. 17, 1798 d. March 11, 1886 ; married 1st Feb. 10, 1820 Phebe Tichenor, married  2nd Priscilla Hutchinson.
6.  Samuel Mitchell b. Oct. 15, 1803 d. June 281879; married 1st Eliza Hall; married 2nd Catherine Osterhaut.
7.  Margaret Mitchell b. Aug. 28, 1807 d. March 4, 1898; married Alvah Hutchinson who died Sept. 14, 1857.

             5 . John Mitchell b. Oct. 17, 1798 d. March 11, 1886 married Feb. 10, 1820 Phebe Tichenor  b. ? d. April 26,
             1837, 35 yrs., 5 months.  John married 2nd Priscilla Hutchinson b. ? d. Oct. 17, 1855 , 51 yrs., 4 months.
             Buried at East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, Tompkins Co., NY.
             Children of 1st wife:
                                            1.  Mary I.  born 1821 d. March 10, 1842 age 21 yrs., 1 mo.  Married; Orin Wood,
                                                 No children.

                                            2.  Harriet born May 1, 1823 died  May 1, 1899 - never married

                                            3. William L. born  March 7, 1825 died Dec. 23, 1904 married  1847
                                                 Emily Ann Steenburg, daughter of Hoffman Steenburg of Ithaca.
                                                 born ? died Oct. 18, 1847 [another record states she died Oct. 11, 1848
                                                 Married 1849 2nd  Susan T. Bradley  born 1822 died March 1, 1901, daughter
                                                 of Hemingway H. Bradley of the town of Enfield. who bore him four children; two of
                                                 whom lived.
                                                 Children by 1st wife;
                                                 Emily Ann Mitchell b. Oct. 18 1847 d. Feb. 21, 1934 married;.  Samuel  B. Barnes,
                                                 who d. 1908 ae. 56 yrs.
                                                 Children by 2nd wife;
                                                 Ella  Mitchell b. Dec. 16, 18__
                                                 d. ? , married John Cochran, he grad. early at Cornell University.  Had Jay and Luella
                                                 (Mrs. John Hutchins) Luella died May 1910 age 57 yrs.
                                                 Cora Belle Mitchell born Feb 12 1862, living in 1942, married Edward Hegeman, had
                                                 one daughter, Ella who married Ralph Augell, with whom Mrs. Hegeman lived at
                                                 Newport, Va.  Ella Augell b. 1886.

                                            4. Amelia born 1829 died Oct. 8, 1912.  Married; Henry Preswick, they had Eugene born
                                                Dec. 16, 1860 died  June 4, 1924; Cornelia b. July 27, 1859

                                            5. Franklin born  1832 [second records states he was born; December 11, 1831]
                                                died April 24, 1907 age 75 yrs., 4 months, married; Anna Taylor -
                                                daughter of Elias Taylor of  Boston Mass.
                                                They had one child Agnes, who married D. Chatfield of Dryden.

                                            6. Charlotte born March 19 1834 died Aug. 25, 1916  - never married

                                            7.  Bradford T. born 1837 died Dec. 6, 1879 age 42 yrs., 7 months, 21 dys.
                                                 Married Harriet Miller of Utica, Three sons, Harvey, Robert, and Willard.

                                            8.  Eugene H. born abt. 1840 died Oct. 2, 1929 age abt. 89 yrs., married
                                                 Sarah Personius - one child died young.

II.  George Mitchell  born 1762 died 1836  married Betsey Ramsey
Their children;
1.   George Mitchell died young
2.   Elizabeth Mitchell died young
3.   Harvey Mitchell died young
4.   Thomas N. Mitchell
5.   Sally Ann Mitchell
6.   Caroline Mitchell married Austin Parsell
7.   John Rumsey Mitchell  married 1st, Sarah Farrington; married 2nd, Julia Andrews; married 3rd, Nancy Atwater.
+ 8.   Nancy C.  Mitchell  b. 1796 d. May 28, 1860  married Benjamin Pew
         Their children were;
          1. Samuel Mitchell Pew
          2. Mary Ann, Sylvester b. Nov. 17, 1820, married Electa Fox.,
          3. Ann  Eliza
          4. John
          5. Charles served in war of 1861
          6. Marvin [or Martin? ]  had a daughter Jessie Rachel Pew.
             [ Marvin or Martin most likely the one who married Kate (Catherine) Eaton the daughter of Harvey
            & Rachel (Ostrander) Eaton they also had a daughter Jessie R. Unsure if this is correct no proof]
          7. Henriette 1792-1880 married John Henry Earsley
          8. Helen 1839-1914
          9. George b. d.  married Mary Ann Banfield, their children were;
                              1. Benjamin Pew who married Nellie Stevenson
                              2. Fred Pew who married Charlotte English
                              3. Nancy Pew who married Delmar Hammond
          10. Frank Pew

9.   Eliza Mitchell  married _____Elmer
10. Sarah Mitchell  married Anson Spencer, had Carrie, Mary, and Kate.
11. Mary Mitchell  married Obadiah Curran, had daughter Mattie Long.
12. Samuel R. b. Jan. 26, 1860 died Nov. 1874 married 1st,  Rachel Lindsey; married 2nd Rebecca Crispell.
13. Nelson Mitchell married Adeline Brown, their children were; Frank, Malvina, Edward.

          Family Sketches from History of Tioga, Chemung, Tompkins and Schuyler Counties 1879

John Mitchell

John Mitchell, son of James and Lena (Matette) Mitchell, was born in Mansfield, Sussex Co., NJ., Oct. 17, 1798, and is
consequently, and by a peculiar coincidence, just eighty years of age upon the day this brief sketch of his life and character is written.  In the year 1800 his father came hither on a visit of inspection, and two years thereafter removed with is family and effected a permanent settlement upon the farm now occupied by his son Samuel.  In the days of the primitive settlements educational advantages were limited, and where schools did exist a meager attendance was had on account of the requisition of the services of the youth to assist in clearing up the wilderness in order to plant a home.  Sometimes in the winter months, when little work could be done, the youthful John would slowly wend his way to school, although a walk of a couple of miles through the woods was necessary to bring him to the door of the humble log house that constituted the temple of learning in those days.
At the time the Mitchells passed through what is now Ithaca there were but four dwellings, three of logs and one a frame
structure, which they, while waiting to feed their jaded and hungry horses, assisted to "raise."  What a wonderful
retrospection is Mr. Mitchell capable of enjoying!  He has lived to witness the transition of a cluster of four dwellings into an enterprising and flourishing village, the seat of an educational institution that is destined to rank among the foremost institutions of learning in the world.
Mr. Mitchell has been twice Married, first to Phebe Tichenor, who died in 1836; the second time to Priscilla Hutchinson,
who died in 1856.  By his first wife he had seven children; by the second, one child.
The names of the children are William L., Franklin, Bradford T., Eugene H., Mary I. (deceased), Harriet, Amelia (wife of Henry Preswick, of Ithaca), and Charlotte.  All these reside in Tompkins County (except Bradford T., who is in Utica), and most of them in the town of Ithaca.  Mr. Mithell carries his fourscore years well, which is a sure sign that he enjoys an easy conscience, and that he has spent a life of temperance, rectitude, and honesty.  The reputation he has gained goes far to determine the above estimate of his general worth.

                                                                 Samuel Mitchell

The subject of this sketch is one of the oldest living residents of the town of Ithaca, having lived within the limits of the town for seventy-five years.
He was born in Ithaca, within a few rods of his present residence, October 5, 1803.  His father (James) and his mother
(Lena Malette) moved from Sussex Co., NJ., to the western country, locating in what is now Ithaca town, in the year of
1802.  The following year Samuel was born.  Samuel now occupies the farm first settled by his father, and his youth and early manhood (as was that of his brother John) were spent in assisting his father in the clearing and improving of their home in the wilderness.  He was first married in 1824, to Miss Eliza Hall, daughter of Jeremiah Hall.  To them were born give children, four sons and one daughter, of whom three sons and one daughter are now living, namely:
Henry Reuben, Jeremiah H., James, and Mary E.  Mrs Eliza Mitchell died in 1848, and Mr. Mitchell married, in 1850, for his second wife, Miss Catharine Osterhout, the daugher of James Osterhout.  There were no children from this marriage.
Mr. Mitchell has always followed his present avocation, that of agriculture, and has led an active and useful life. 

                                                                  Mitchell Family
                 Taken from, Ithaca Neighborhoods, The Rhine, The Hill, and the Goose Pasture,
                    Edited by Carol U. Sisler, Margaret Hobbie, and Jane Marsh Dieckmann.

In this book it states on page190; In October 1802 James Mitchell returned  to his new home with his parents John and
Hannah English; his wife Lyna Clabine; and four of their five children (one child had died on the journey).   Also traveling with the party were James' brother George, his wife Betsey Ramsey, and their eight children.

                                              Mitchell Cemetery, Ithaca, Tompkins Co.NY

Mitchell,       Mr. James              d. Mar. 12, 1834 ae 71 yr 7 mo
Mitchell,       Lyna, wife of James Mitchell        d. Nov. 14, 1841 ae 74 yr 2 mo 20 da
Mitchell,       Eliza (Hall), wife of Samuel Mitchell*    d. Apr. 1, 1846 ae 42 yr 9 mo 15 da

Smith,          Isaac S.       d. Mar. 8, 1835 ae 40 yr 11 mo 24 da
Smith,          Elizabeth Mitchell, wife of Isaac S.     b. Nov. 5, 1795; d. Feb. 19, 1857

Shaver,         Eve M., wife of Jacob Shaver    d. June 24, 1840 ae 84 yr 9 mo
Shaver,         Elizabeth C.S., dau. of Jacob I. & Mary    d. June 26, 1837 ae 14yr 9mo 14da
Shaver,         Orille I., dau. of Jacob I. And Mary  d. Jan. 30, 1837 ae 1yr 11mo 15da

*Samuel Mitchell, son of James, was b. in Ithaca, Oct. 5, 1803; m. (1) Eliza Hall, dau.
of Jeremiah Hall; m. (2) Catharine, dau. of James Osterhout.

                                               East Lawn Cemetery, Ithaca, Tompkins County, NY

Mitchell,       Clarence J. b. Oct. 6, 1860 d. Aug. 23, 1873
                    (son of Jeremiah & Phebe Ostrander Mitchell
Mitchell,       Rachel,  [Lindsey] w/o Samuel R.           d. Sept. 9, 1837 ae 27y 6m 25d
Mitchell,       Charles, s/o Samuel & Rachel            d. May 20, 1827 ae 6m
Mitchell,       John                                    b. Oct. 17, 1798; d. Mar. 1, 1886
                    (son of James Mitchell & Lyna ( or Lena ) Clabine Mitchell)
Mitchell,       Priscilla (Hutchinson), w/o John        b. Jan. 6, 1809; d. Oct. 17, 1855
Mitchell,       Phebe Tichenor wife of John Mitchell d. April 26, 1837 age 35 yrs. 5 mo.
                    (from family records  b. Nov. 13, 1801)  (d/o Isaac & Mary Magee Tichenor)
Mitchell,       Julia, [ Andrews] w/o John R.   d. Oct. 13, 1845 ae 45y

Mitchell,       Omer L.                                 d. Jan. 28, 1940 ae 71y 4m 5d
                      (s/o Jeremiah & Phebe (Ostrander) Mitchell)
Mitchell,       Omer  (wife: Minnie A. Onan)            1867-1940
Mitchell,       Otis W. b. Jan. 25, 1873 d. Dec. 27, 1899
Mitchell,       Edna H. Middaugh wife of Otis W. Mitchell b. Dec. 13, 1875 d. Dec. 9, 1965
                    (d/o Fred & Evelyn (Hildebrandt) Middaugh)
Mitchell,       Phebe Ostrander b. March 6, 1842 d. March 21, 1932
                    (wife of Jeremiah Mitchell & d/o Levi & Tabitha Ann Banfield Ostrander
Mitchell,       Jeremiah  b. April 11, 1835 d. June 13, 1889 (most likely the son of Samuel & Eliza Hall Mitchell)
Mitchell,       Charles Samuel,                           b. Oct. 27, 1862; d. Dec. 17, 1962
                    (s/o Jeremiah & Phebe (Ostrander) Mitchell)
Mitchell,       Margery M. (Smith) w/o Charles    b. Jan. 1, 1882  d. Nov. 2, 1961

Mitchell,       Lina  b. March 8, 1865 d. 1887 d/o Jeremiah & Phebe Ostrander Mitchell
Mitchell,       Lynn Dewitt b. Feb. 9, 1877 d. Nov. 16, 1910
                    (son of Jermiah & Phebe Ostrander Mitchell)
Mitchell,       Ida Alice (Snyder) b. March 10, 1879 d. July 23, 1957

Myers,       Florence Mary Mitchell b. July 9, 1880 d. July 1, 1966
                  (d/o Jeremiah & Phebe Ostrander Mitchell and w/o Ira B. Myers
Myers,       Ira B. Myers b. Aug. 9, 1880 d. Aug. 3, 1952

Preswick,       Cornelia,                               d. Sept. 8, 1946
                (d/o Henry W. & Amelia (Mitchell)Preswick)
Steele,        Pauline (Mitchell) b. Oct. 9, 1898 d. Dec. 27, 1971 w/o Varian Steele

Pew,            Benjamin                                d. Apr. 29, 1891
Pew,            Nancy                                   d. May 28, 1858 ae 60y
Pew,            George E.                               d. July 5, 1963 ae 58y
Pew,            Helen   Lot owner George N. Pew         d. Mar. 7, 1879 ae 1m 22d
Pew,            George N.                               d. Jan. 9, 1901 ae 61y
Pew,            Mary   Lot owner  George Pew            d. Mar. 11, 1881 ae 1m 5d

Pew,            Mary  Lot owner George N. Pew           d. 1919 ae 81y

                               Catharine/Winton Cemetery
                             Town of Catharine, Schuyler Co., NY

MITCHELL      Clarissa, dau of Jesse                  d. 1815,        aged 3mo
MITCHELL      Sarah, wife of James                   d. 1831,        aged 36
MITCHELL      James, son of John                      d. Aug 28,1818, aged 31
MITCHELL      Helani, dau/James & Sarah         d. 1815,        aged 3mo
MITCHELL      Delilah, dau/James & Sarah        d. 1819,        aged 7mo
MITCHELL      Samuel, son/James & Polly (?)    d. 1822,        aged 2
MITCHELL      Catherine, wife of Samuel           d. 1881,        aged 72   dau James Osterhoudt

OSTERHOUDT    James                                     d. Jan 21,1821, aged 40
OSTERHOUDT    Polly, wife of James                d. 1877,             aged 89

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