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Town of Ulysses 1850 census -- Part 12

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Note: These documents are old and faded, and the handwriting can be difficult to read, so there may be some creative name-guessing.

Number Visited Last Name Given Names Age Place of Birth Color Occupation Notes
433-438 Teeter John 53 NY W farmer Listed below is a correction on this family. John Teator
    Mary 52 NY W wife Mary "
    Harriet 20 NY W daughter Harriet "
    Almy 16 NY W daughter Almy "
  Jones John 13 NY W   John Jones " (Jones is not listed as his surname, Teater is)
    Fanny 11 NY W   Fanny " (Jones is not listed as her maiden name, Teater is)
434-439 Teeter Joseph E. 27 NY W farmer (Last name is listed as Teeter)
    Elizabeth 23 NY W wife  
    Robert M. 4 NY W son  
  Prater John 17 NY W    
435-440 Norton William 28 NY W farmer  
    Catharine 21 NY W wife  
    John 4 NY W son  
    Eunice 2 NY W daughter  
    Ann Mariah 9 mos. NY W daughter  
436-441 Ferguson James 44 NY W farmer  
    Betsey 51 NY W wife  
    John 17 NY W son  
    Angeline 19 NY W daughter  
437-442 Pease Simon 60 CT W farmer  
    Cynthia (Markham) 55 CT W wife  
    Minerva 20 NY W daughter  
    Antonett 17 NY W daughter  
    Margrett 13 NY W daughter  
    B. F. 11 NY W son  
  Pessin Patchen 1 NY W grandson?, (or could be Pease Patchen)  
438-443 Markham Cynthia 84 CT W widow (of Isaac)  
    Sarah 40 NY W daughter  
    Ralph 38 NY W son  
439-444 VanOrder Peter S. 77 NJ W farmer  
    Nancy 70 NY W wife  
    Catharine 19 NY W grandaughter?  
Catharine 15 NY W grandaughter?  
    Albert H. 12 NY W grandson?  
440-445 Phillips Susannah 76 NY W widow (of John L.)  
    Sophronia 48 NY W daughter  
441-446 Pease Allen 58 NY W farmer  
    Grace (Boylen) 61 NY W wife  
  Smith Reuben 32 NY W son-in-law  
    Clarissa 22 NY W daughter  
  Leonard Robert 21 NY W laborer  
  Sarsfield Margaret 21 NY W servant  
442-447 Pease Edd 33 NY W farmer  
    Catharine (Creque) 28 NY W wife  
    James D. 10 NY W son  
    Ophelia L. 1 NY W daughter  
443-448 Teeter Julius A. 33 NY W farmer  
    Mary Ann 31 NY W wife  
    Charles A. 10 NY W son  
    Theresa D. 5 NY W daughter  
444-449 Allen William A. 40 NY W farmer  
    Amy 31 NY W wife  
    James 10 NY W son  
    John 8 NY W son  
    Mary F. 6 NY W daughter  
    Ann Eliza 4 NY W daughter  
    William H. 1 NY W son  
  King Martin 16 Ire W laborer  
  Wood Joel 23 NY W laborer  
445-450 King Thomas 60 Ire. W day laborer  
    Mary 66 Ire. W wife  
  Harrington Patrick 30 Ire. W    
    Catharine 21 Ire. W    
    John 28 Ire. W    
    Hannah 18 Ire. W    
    Nancy 16 Ire. W    
    Brain 9 Ire. W    
  King Mary 13 Ire. W    
446-451 Lewis? Edwin 31 NY W farmer (This name hard to read)
    Sorana/Lorana 25 NY W wife  
447-452 Sabin Alanson 32 NY W shoemaker  
    Esther 27 NY W wife  
    Murphy T. 9 NY W son  
    Alice A. 4 NY W daughter  
    Emmy B. 3 NY W daughter  
    Hannah E. 1 NY W daughter  
448-453 Leavenworth Lucius 48 NY W carpenter  
    Hannah 50 NY W wife  
  Buckley Rachael 48 NY W    
  Bradbury Dorenius 13 NY W    
449-454 Hill Wesley F. 31 NY W farmer  
    Mathilda 28 NY W wife  
    Mary M. 6 NY W daughter  
    Julia Ann 1 NY W daughter  
450-455 Fowler Tompkins 57 NY W farmer  
    Jane Ann (Wright) 33 NY W wife  
    Charles W. 11 NY W son  
    John Luther 9 NY W son  
    William Henry 4 NY W son  
    Samuel Wright 1 NY W son  
451-456 Knoxon James 44 NY W farmer  
    Ann 39 NY W wife  
    Harriet A. 16 NY W daughter  
    Sawron 9 NY W son  
    Gardner 6 NY W son  
    Phebe 4 NY W daughter  
    Alice 10 mos. NY W daughter  
452-457 Johnson Daniel 48 NY W Inn Keeper  
    William 24 NY W son  
    Sarah 34 NY W (2nd) wife  
    Elston 2 NY W son  
  Stout Mary 26 NY W servant  
453-458 Kiscarden William 45 NY W laborer  
    Polly 40 NY W wife  
    Sophronia 15 NY W daughter  
    Mary 13 NY W daughter  
    Julia 12 NY W daughter  
    William 11 NY W son  
    Emeline A. 9 NY W daughter  
    Eliza Caroline 7 NY W daughter  
    Charles H. 3 NY W son  
    John 6 mos. NY W son  
454-459 Culver Azariah 71 MA W farmer  
    Jane 66 NY W wife  
  Gillespie John S. 33 NY W son-in-law  
    Emma P. 35 NY W daughter  
    Mary E. 8 NY W grandaughter  
    Lucy 5 NY W grandaughter  
    Jane 2 NY W grandaughter  
  Salsbury Susan 16 NY W servant  
455-460 Tichener Ephriam 41 NY W farmer  
    Mariah 40 NY W wife  
    Irvin C. 15 NY W son  
    Emily S. 13 NY W daughter  
    William I. 8 NY W son  
    Benjamin F. 2 NY W son  
  Carr John 55 Eng. W Rev.  
    Ellen 15 Eng. W daughter  
    Catharine 13 NY W daughter  
456-461 Fisher Senio (looks like) 48 NY W farmer  
    Julia 39 NY W wife  
    Estella 16 NY W daughter  
    Hannah 14 NY W daughter  
    William W. 9 NY W son  
  Simons Solomon 82 NY W    
457-462 Plough Isaac 54 NY W farmer  
    Mary 49 NY W wife  
    William 25 NY W son  
    Edward 17 NY W son  
    Henry 15 NY W son  
    Angeline 21 NY W daughter, (or dau-in-law)  
    Alexander 1 NY W grandson  
458-463 Earle John 55 NY W farmer  
    Mehitable (Ganoung) 53 NY W wife  
    Polly M. 30 NY W daughter  
    Sally B. 27 NY W daughter  
    Deborah Ann 24 NY W daughter  
    Emeline C. 22 NY W daughter  
    John T. 20 NY W son  
    A. Charlotte 18 NY W daughter  
    Sarah J. 15 NY W daughter  
459-464 Kelly E. R. 26 NY W farmer  
    R.J. 19 NY W wife  
  Sweet Thomas 25 Ire. W    
  Connelly Ellen 24 Ire. W    
    Adam 20 Ire. W    
460-465 Kruchan Micheal 26 Ire. W farmer  
    Sarah 27 Ire. W wife  
461-466 Osmun/
Samuel 30 Eng. W miller  
    Mary 30 Eng. W wife  
    Edwin 7 Eng. W son  
    Sarah M. 3 NY W daughter  
    Mary Ann 5 NY W daughter  
    Samuel F. 1 NY W son  
    Thomas 63 Eng. W father  
    George 32 Eng. W brother  
    James 20 Eng. W brother  
    Mary Ann 20 NY W sister-in-law  
    Lewis 1 NY W nephew  
  Mizner Eliza 14 NY W servant  
462-467 Higgins Morris 31 NY W farmer  
    Mary 21 NY W wife  
    Henry D. 1 NY W son  
    Francis A. 1 mos. NY W son  
463-468 Emery Weed 31 NY W farmer  
    Eliza 20 NY W wife  
    William 3 NY W son  
464-469 Emery Jacob 59 NJ W farmer  
    Julia Ann 54 NJ W wife  
    David 23 NY W son  
    John 19 NY W son  
    Julia 20 NY W daughter  
    Henry 15 NY W son  
    Margaret 12 NY W daughter  
465-470 Brown Enos 28 NY W farmer  
    Cynthia Mae 26 NY W wife  
    Sarah Abigail 7 NY W daughter  
    Charles E. 5 NY W son  
466-471 Wilcox Elisha 55 NY W farmer  
    Sally (Enois?) 45 NY W wife  
    Roswell 22 NY W son  
    Thomas G. 17 NY W son  
    Catherine 13 NY W daughter  
  Enois Susan 40 NY W sister-in-law?  
  Wilcox Abigail 75 NY W mother  
467-472 Barnum Joshua 32 NY W farmer  
    Maretta 27 NY W wife  
    Nathan B. 7 NY W son  
    William A. 5 NY W son  
  Dixon Mariah 24 NY W servant?  
468-473 Hill Samuel 56 NY W farmer  
    Elizabeth 66 NY W wife  
469-474 Willis William 42 NY W farmer  
    Barbara (Dubois) 42 NY W wife  
    John (ink blot, cannot read)
    Margretta 3 NY W daughter  
  Wallenbeck Thomas 21 NY W farm laborer  
  Longcoy Phebe 21 NY W servant  
470-475 King Amos 45 NY W farmer  
    Elizabeth (Updike) 32 NY W wife  
    Grover 11 NY W son  
    Susanna 9 NY W daughter  
    Herman 7 NY W son  
    Adaline 4 NY W daughter  
    Ezra 3 NY W son  
471-476 Gowdy Norton 34 NY W farmer  
    Almira 34 NY W wife  
    Harriet 10 NY W daughter  
    Charles A. 8 NY W son  
    Norton 5 NY W son  
    Eliza 3 NY W daughter  
  Knoxon Isaac 12 NY W    
472-477 Honsel Herbert 58 NY W farmer  
473-478 Bogardus Cornelius 48 NY W farmer  
    Mariah 36 NY W wife  
    John 16 NY W son  
    Cornelius 12 NY W son  
    George 10 NY W son  
    Mary Ann 8 NY W daughter  
    Sarah Jane 5 NY W daughter  
    Josephine 3 NY W daughter  
    Calvin 1 NY W son  
474-479 Westervelt James 41 NY W farmer  
    Harriet 41 NY W wife  
    Charles A. 19 NY W son  
    Ellen 17 NY W daughter  
    Jamie H. 8 NY W son  
    Douglas 1 NY W son  
475-480 Vandenburg Jacob 45 NY W farmer  
    Laura 43 NY W wife  
    Charles 13 NY W son  
476-481 King John 59 NY W farmer  
    Elizabeth (Ganoung) 55 NY W wife  
    Anson 22 NY W son  
    Orsenous 20 NY W son  
    Judson 18 NY W son  
    Adanial 15 NY W son  
477-482 King Jonathan 58 NY W farmer  
    Susanna 44 NY W wife  
    Angeline 21 NY W daughter  
    Vianna 23 NY W daughter  
    Truman 19 NY W son  
    Olive 17 NY W daughter  
    Genett 14 NY W son  
    Harrison 12 NY W son  
    Hubble 8 NY W son  
    Almyra 3 NY W daughter  
478-483 Fowler Eli 30 NY W farmer  
    Mary 31 NY W wife  
    Elizabeth 5 NY W daughter  
479-484 Fowler Reuben 55 NY W farmer  
    Elizabeth 53 NY W wife  
    Samantha 16 NY W daughter  
480-485 Westervelt Uriah 52 NY W farmer  
    Catharine 46 NY W wife  
    Eliza 18 NY W daughter  
    Rebecca 16 NY W daughter  
    Peter 13 NY W son  
    Ann 12 NY W daughter  
    Lavina 9 NY W daughter  
    Lucy 7 NY W daughter  
    Phillip 3 NY W son  
481-486 Taylor Charles C. 42 NY W blacksmith  
    Mary (Howe) 50 NY W wife  
    Susan M. 17 NY W daughter  
    Mary Jane 11 NY W daughter  
482-487 Colegrove James 44 NY W farmer  
    Mariah (Van) 44 NY W wife  
    John 18 NY W son  
    Susan 15 NY W daughter  
    Samuel 15 NY W son  
    Louisa 12 NY W daughter  
    David 8 NY W son  
    Eleanor 4 NY W daughter  
    John 27 NY W nephew  
483-488 Lyon David 42 NJ W shoemaker  
    Jane 42 NY W wife  
    William H. 5 NY W son  
484-489 Ganoung Joseph 52 NY W farmer  
    Amelia (Frost) 49 NY W wife  
    Ursula 20 NY W daughter  
    Warren 13 NY W son  
  Phillips Adaline 18 NY W daughter  
    John 24 NY W son-in-law  
  Mitchell Wellington NY W 20    
  Ganoung Juda 75 NY W mother  

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