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Town of Ulysses 1850 census -- Part 13

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Note: These documents are old and faded, and the handwriting can be difficult to read, so there may be some creative name-guessing.
The following seems to be in the Macktown area, or what we now call Willowcreek, at least for the first few at least. Some also in the Goodwin Point area.

Number Visited Last Name Given Names Age Place of Birth Color Occupation Notes
485-490 Wilcox Leonard E. 49 NY W farmer  
    Polly 49 NY W wife  
    Hester Ann 16 NY W daughter  
    Betsy Ann 13 NY W daughter  
    Mary 11 NY W daughter  
486-491 Bush John H. 40 NY W farmer  
    Rachael 40 NY W wife  
    Catharine 20 NY W daughter  
    Julius 16 NY W son  
    Charles 14 NY W son  
    Abram V. 11 NY W son  
    Caroline A. 8 NY W daughter  
487-492 Hildreth Amanda 54 NY W    
  Wickes/Wisten? Melissa 15 NY W    
488-493 Hildreth Jonathan 52 NJ W farmer  
    Lydia (Smith) 46 NY W wife  
    Benjamin 20 NY W son  
    Smith 18 NY W son  
    Susan M. 16 NY W daughter  
    Jane 14 NY W daughter  
    Lucinda 12 NY W daughter  
    Charles 9 NY W son  
    Esther 3 NY W daughter  
489-494 Ellison William 45 NY W farmer  
    Deborah 40 NY W wife  
    Charles 11 NY W son  
    Wesley 9 NY W son  
490-495 Colegrove Silas 81 RI W farmer  
    Nancy 65 NJ W 2nd wife  
  VanOrder Friend 13 NY W    
491-496 Cooper James 42 NY W farmer  
    Lavina 33 NY W wife  
    Joseph 11 NY W son  
492-497 VanOrder Eliza 37 NY W widow (of John)  
    Electa 11 NY W daughter  
493-498 Van Samuel R. 45 NY W farmer  
    Catharine H.(Goodwin) 39 NY W wife  
    Irwin 8 NY W son  
  Pelton Isabella 83 NY W aunt?  
  Hadley Caroline 21 NY W    
  Weigan Chester 16 NY W farm laborer  
494-499 Van Samuel 75 NY W farmer  
    Mary 68 NY W wife  
    Jane 14 NY W grandaughter  
    Freeman 12 NY W grandson  
495-500 Butter/Butler Samuel 71 Eng. W farmer  
    Rebecca 46 Eng. W    
    John 11 NY W grandson  
    George 8 NY W grandson  
    Samuel 6 NY W grandson  
    Sophronia 2 NY W grandaughter  
496-501 Bradbury Cornelius 39 NY W sieve burner  
    Phebe 31 NY W wife  
    Louisa 12 NY W daughter  
    Melissa 10 NY W daughter  
    Phebe 8 NY W daughter  
    Ruth 6 NY W daughter  
    Josephine 4 NY W daughter  
497-502 Bradbury Aaron 36 NY W farmer  
    Mariah 30 NY W wife  
    Charles 3 NY W son  
498-503 Baker Samuel 58 NY W farmer  
    Huldah (Ganoung) 56 NY W wife  
    Marion 31 NY W son  
    Angeline 25 NY W daughter  
    Susan Maranda 15 NY W daughter  
    Samuel Floyd 14 NY W son  
499-504 Maura? Abram W. 34 NY W farmer (could not read his name)
    Christina (Smith?) 30 NY W wife  
    Cornelia 6 NY W daughter  
    Sidney 4 NY W son  
    Smith 1 mos. NY W son  
  Baker Elizabeth 23 NY W    
500-505 Ganoung Samuel 86 NY W farmer (dies Sept 20, 1850)
    Parmelia 47 NY W daughter  
    Emeline 40 NY W daughter  
  Baker Warren 23 NY W grandson  
501-506 Smith Robert T. 44 NY W farmer  
    Hannah 41 NY W wife  
    Melissa 18 NY W daughter  
    Michael? 15 NY W son (could not read this name)
    Abigail 13 NY W daughter  
502-507 Ganoung Nelson F. 28 NY W farmer  
    Melissa (Norton) 30 NY W wife  
    William H. 9 NY W son  
    Robert S. 8 NY W son  
    Walter 7 mos. NY W son  
503-508 Reamon? John D. 45 NY W farmer  
    Hannah 45 NY W wife  
    Irvin 20 NY W son  
    Elizabeth 17 NY W daughter  
    Martha 10 NY W daughter  
504-509 Carman John 63 NY W farmer  
    Berthia (Bloomer) 63 NY W wife  
    Robert 41 NY W son  
505-510 Ganoung James 48 NY W farmer  
    Eliza (Jarvis) 44 NY W wife  
    Jarvis 19 NY W son  
    Olive 12 NY W daughter  
  Jarvis Jemesha 76 NY W mother-in-law  
506-511 Hall Lewis 68 NY W farmer  
    Mary 60 NY W wife  
    Susan E. 21 NY W daughter  
    Gilbert L. 15 NY W son  
  Rowe William 21 NY W    
507-512 Westervelt James C. 40 NY W farmer  
    Eliza 19 NY W wife  
  Bradbury Sine 15 NY W   male
508-513 Bradbury Thomas J. 44 NY W farmer  
    Clarinda 40 NY W wife  
    Mariah 12 NY W daughter  
    Jane 9 NY W daughter  
    Mary 7 NY W daughter  
    Lavina 2 NY W daughter  
  Hase M. 60 NY W    
509-514 Bigelow Oliver 56 PA W farmer  
    Lydia 51 PA W wife  
  Harding John 21 NY W    
  Luckey Harriet 14 NY W    
  Woodhouse James 18 NY W    
510-515 Lambert William 44 NY W blacksmith  
    Sarah 44 NY W wife  
    William 15 NY W son  
    Hannah F. 7 NY W daughter  
511-516 William Eli S. (R or K) 31 NY W farmer  
    Susan 33 NY W wife  
    Sophronia 8 NY W daughter  
    Benjamin F. 6 NY W son  
    Charles M. 4 NY W son  
553-558 Dickenson Joseph D. 11 NY W laborer (son of John, see next)
512-517 Leonard Archibald 30 NY W farmer  
    Judy Ann (Dickenson)   NY W    
  Dickenson John 47 NY W father  
513-518 Rightmire John 58 NY W farmer  
    Phebe 60 NY W wife  
    Adelia 17 NY W daughter  
514-519 Rightmire Lyman 30 NY W farmer  
    Mary 24 NY W wife  
515-520 Rightmire Addison 31 NY W farmer  
    Margaret 28 NY W wife  
    Annette 6 NY W daughter  
    George 3 NY W son  
    William 1 NY W son  
  Franklin Bridget 50 NY W    
516-521 Cluney Timothy 25 NY W farmer  
    Adaline 24 NY W wife  
517-522 Duboise Peter 34 NY W farmer  
    Antonette 20 NY W wife  
    Frederick 1 NY W son  
  Lucky Henry 18 NY W    
  Brass Mariah 18 NY W    
  Dickerson Mary E. 9 NY W    
    Catharine 5 NY W    
    Asa C. 3 NY W    
  Sullivan Richard 11 NY W    
518-523 Van Kuren Peter 45 NY W farmer  
    Sarah 40 NY W wife  
    Mary 12 NY W daughter  
    Robert 10 NY W son  
    Frances 4 NY W daughter  
    Eddy 1 NY W son  
  Van Bross Mark 17 NY W farmer laborer  
519-524 Woodworth David 49 NY W farmer  
    Betsy J. 45 NY W wife  
    Anna 18 NY W daughter  
    Alfred 14 NY W son  
    Mary A. 3 NY W daughter  
520-525 Barker Ira 50 NY W day laborer  
    Margaret 35 NY W wife  
    Charles 14 NY W son  
    Ira 12 NY W son  
    Elizabeth 10 NY W daughter  
    Delphine 7 NY W daughter  
    Theodore 5 NY W son  
    Mary 3 NY W daughter  
    Edward 6 mos. NY W    
    Patrica 73 MA W mother?  
521-526 Frear Baltus 56 NY W farmer  
    Lavina 50 NY W wife  
    Alexander 26 NY W son  
    Louisa 24 NY W daughter  
    Walter 22 NY W son  
    Rebecca 20 NY W daughter  
    William 14 NY W son  
  Dates Baltus 10 NY W grandson  
  Van Lydia 22 NY W    
522-527 Sutton Thomas S. 26 NY W farmer  
    Elizabeth 25 NY W wife  
    Martha 4 NY W daughter  
    Michael 2 NY W son  
523-528 Wortman William 65 NY W farmer  
    Mary 57 NY W wife  
    Charlotte 35 NY W daughter  
    Lucinda 33 NY W daughter  
    Edward 20 NY W son  
524-529 Thompson Eli 61 NY W farmer  
    Nancy (Smith) 59 CT W wife  
    Nancy 28 NY W daughter  
    Amanda M. 13 NY W daughter  
  Foster William 28 NY W farm laborer  
  Smith Amy 79 CT W mother-in-law (widow of Wm)  
525-530 Smith John B. 40 NY W farmer  
    Mary Ann 41 NY W wife  
    Sarah 36 NY W sister?  
    Margaret Ann 10 NY W daughter  
526-531 Lee Stephen W. 40 NY W farmer  
    Delila 35 NY W wife  
    John 15 NY W son  
    Hannah 12 NY W daughter  
    Rhoda 10 NY W daughter  
  Elder Edward 30 NY W laborer  
598-608 Nickup/Northrup? Charles 25 NY W   (cannot read)
527-532 Lee Jepther 25 NY W farmer  
    Clarintha 22 NY W wife  
528-533 H or Wolenbolt? Alvah 50 NY W farmer (cannot read, Hildebrandt?)
    Elizabeth 42 NY W wife  
    Chauncey L. 17 NY W son  
    George J. 15 NY W son  
    Alvah 9 NY W son  
    Moses 7 NY W son  
    Esther Elizabeth 3 NY W daughter  
    Samuel 21 NY W son  
529-534 Lanning Benjamin 42 NY W farmer  
    Caroline (Atwater) 35 NY W wife  
    George A. 4 NY W son  
  Rightmire Anna M. 23 NY W domestic servant  
  Worden Jane 10 NY W    
530-535 Atwater Russell 30 NY W farmer  
    Marinda 26 NY W wife  
531-536 Updike Almond 26 NY W farmer  
    Polly Ann (Dimick) 24 NY W wife  
    Riley A. 6 NY W son  
    Daniel 3 NY W son  
    William E. 1 NY W son  
532-537 Carl Frederick 54 NY W farmer  
    Hannah (Jarvis) 52 NY W wife  
    Daniel J. 23 NY W son  
533-538 Tarbox Isaac 69 NH W farmer  
    Eleanor 76 Ire W    
534-539 Wheelock Charles 62 NY W farmer  
    Lydia 52 NY W wife  
    Edwin M. 20 NY W son  
    Licetta 22 NY W daughter  
    Malissa 15 NY W daughter  
    Samuel 12 NY W son  
    John 7 NY W son  
    Charles 17 NY W son  
  McAllister Hester 17 NY W servant  
535-540 Woodworth William E. 36 NY W farmer  
    Eliza 35 NY W wife  
    Mary S. 9 NY W daughter  
    Calvin 7 NY W son  
    Wakeman 1 NY W son  
    John 30 Ire W brother  
    Patrick 28 NY W brother  
    James 27 NY W brother  
536-541 Susbury/Truesbury Herman 51 NY W farmer  
    Rachael 46 NY W wife  
    Lucius J. M. 10 NY W son  
    Franklin 8 NY W son  
    Lucy Ann 5 NY W daughter  
    James Alex 3 NY W son  
    Elsey J. S. 1 NY W daughter  
537-542 Richards Platt 41 NY W farmer  
    Elizabeth 40 NY W wife  
    Adaline 17 NY W daughter  
    Malissa 15 NY W daughter  
    Emeline 13 NY W daughter  
    Elizabeth 5 NY W daughter  
    Lafayette 1 NY W son  
538-543 King Bronson 30 NY W farmer  
    Hannah 27 NY W wife  
    Lorana 7 NY W daughter  
    Fanna 5 NY W daughter  
539-544 Smith Elijah 38 NY W farmer  
    Charlotte 25 NY W wife  
    Thomas J. 11 NY W son  
    Silvester 6 NY W son  
    Annette 3 NY W daughter  
540-545 Smith Horace 23 NY W farmer  
    Betsy 70 NY W mother  
    Polly 24 NY W sister  
    William Dewitt 26 NY W brother  

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