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1850 Census for Ulysses -- Part 5

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Note: These documents are old and faded, and the handwriting can be difficult to read, so there may be some creative name-guessing.

Number Visited Last Name Given Names Age Place of Birth Color Occupation Notes
151-155 Green John 47 NY W farmer  
    Mary Ann 45 NY W wife  
    Celia 15 NY W daughter  
    Van Allen 10 NY W son  
152-156 Berry Henry 25 NY W blacksmith  
    Eliza 21 NY W wife  
153-157 Simmons Oliver 34 NY W farmer  
    Mariah 24 NY W wife  
    Hannah 6 NY W daughter  
    William 1 NY W son  
154-158 King Joseph P. 43 NY W millwright  
    Mary A. (McLallen) 41 NY W wife  
    Albert C. 15 NY W son, millwright  
    Delos 9 NY W son  
    Ellen 6 NY W daughter  
  McLallen Eliza 48 NY W sister-in-law  
155-159 Stewart George 26 NY W painter  
    Harriet 20 NY W wife  
    Erastus 1 NY W son  
  Higgins John 16 NY W laborer  
156-160 Laren Alson 27 NY W farmer  
    Diana M. 24 NY W wife  
    Heartwell P. 1 NY W son  
  Jonas Dan 20 NY B painter  
157-161 McLallen David K. 47 NY W physician  
    Fidelia A. (Hopkins)   NY W wife  
    David H. 13 NY W son  
    John E. 5 NY W son  
    Louisa H. 3 NY W daughter  
  Bradley Burr 25 NY W laborer  
158-162 Andrus Eliza 44 NY W widow  
  Terry James 24 NY W son-in-law  
    Jane E. 23 NY W daughter  
    Frank 1 NY W grandson  
453-457 Andrus Mary L. 10 NY W daughter  
160-164 Smith Marvin 63 CT W physician  
    Catharine W. 40 NY W 2nd wife  
    Catharine 23 NY W daughter  
    Emma 9mo NY W daughter  
161-165 Thompson P(hilemon) H. 50 NY W Innkeeper  
    N(ancy) A. (McLallen) 45 NY W wife  
    George 9 NY W son  
    Caroline 7 NY W daughter  
    Isabell 5 NY W daughter  
    P(hilemon) M. 20 NY W son, clerk  
    John 17 NY W son, clerk  
  Brown Jane 17 NY W servant  
  Oaks Ann 19 Ireland W servant  
  Stetson E. 23 NY W saddler  
  Beach C. 25 NY W saddler  
  Treman Mary (Ayers, widow of Ashbel) 49 NY W    
  Wisner P. 22 NY W tinner  
  Sweet I or J 24 NY W saddler  
  Marcum J. B. 45 NY W   (could be Markham)
  Gee Peter 28 NY W    
162-166 McLallen William 33 NY W farmer  
    Matilda (Briggs) 28 NY W wife  
    John J. 5 NY W son  
    Mary 2 NY W daughter  
  Mason Ann 12 NY W servant  
  Hinman Perry 28 NY W laborer  
163-167 Tompkins R(ichard) C. 25 NY W grocer  
    Mary Ann 19 NY W wife  
    Ellen M. 1 NY W daughter  
  Oaks Margaret 17 Ireland W servant  
  Tompkins John 16 NY W brother, clerk  
164-168 Camp Herman 62 CT W merchant  
    Sarah P(latt) 39 NY W 4th wife (she m.1st Frederick Camp)
    Clinton 20 NY W son  
    Henrietta 18 NY W daughter  
    Anna S. 17 NY W daughter  
    Ann Sarah 15 NY W step-daughter  
    Charles 13 NY W step-son  
    Frederick 12 NY W step-son  
    Mary C. 10 NY W step-son  
    John H. 10 NY W son  
    Edward 8 NY W son  
  Zorges Frederick 30 Germany W gardener  
  Esbit Susan 28 England W servant  
  Gibbins Mary 21 England W servant  
165-169 Snink? George T. 46 NH W furnaceman  
    Martha S. 42 NH W wife  
    Eliza A. 15 NY W daughter  
166-170 Owen L(ewis)W. 44 NY W lumber dealer  
    Dolly 41 NY W wife  
    Alexander 10 NY W son  
  Hausner Hannah 15 NY W servant?  
167-171 Corey Jesse G. 45 NY W farmer  
    Harriet 42 CT W wife  
    William 17 NY W son  
    Cordelia 14 NY W daughter  
  Beckwith John 19 NY W laborer  
  Dunn Sarah 21 NY W servant  
168-172 Lanning William 35 NY W farmer  
    Rebecca H. (Taber) 30 NY W wife  
    Jasper 8 NY W son  
    John 6 NY W son  
    Sarah 3 NY W daughter  
169-173 Truax William P. 27 NY W lawyer  
    Cordelia 27 NY W wife  
    Lydia 3 NY W daughter  
    Clarinda 1 NY W daughter  
    Almy NY W 3mos son  
    Lydia 60 NY W mother  
  King Anson 36 NY W farmer  
170-174 Owen Jonathan 67 NY W farmer  
    Elizabeth (Jain) 69 NY W wife  
  Race James 28 NY W son-in-law  
  Race Caroline 24 NY W daughter (& w/o James)
  Owen Elizabeth 18 NY W granddaughter  
  Owen Luzine A. 16 NY W grandson  
171-175 Smith Nichol H. 38 NY W farmer  
    Mariah 25 NY W wife  

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