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1850 Census for Ulysses -- Part 6

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Note: These documents are old and faded, and the handwriting can be difficult to read, so there may be some creative name-guessing.

Number Visited Last Name Given Names Age Place of Birth Color Occupation Notes
172-176 Strowbridge Elisha 80 NH W farmer  
    Susanna 61 NY W   wife?/daughter?
    Hedley 17 NY W farmer, son?/grandson? [Note: he and sister Ellen (married James McLallen) are only ones in Grove Cem. w/ name spelled w/ W. Later family dropped it. Waterburg family spells it Trowbridge.]
173-177 Farrington Isaac 71 NY W farmer  
    Susan 60 NY W wife  
    Adelia 23 NY W daughter  
174-178 Hoffmire William 40 NY W farmer  
    Mary (Williams) 40 NY W wife  
    Sarah Ann 17 NY W daughter  
    Caroline 15 NY W daughter  
    Susan 13 NY W daughter  
    Wm H(enry) K. 10 NY W son  
  Reeves John 16 NY W farmer  
175-179 Larcum William 24 NY W farmer  
    Henryetta 26 NY W sister  
    Elias 15 NY W brother  
    Mary Etta 13 NY W sister  
    George 9 NY W brother  
176-180 Hart Isaac 56 NY W farmer, widower  
    Mary 27 NY W daughter  
    Hannah 24 NY W daughter  
    Eliza 21 NY W daughter  
    Ebenezer 18 NY W son  
    Lucy 11 NY W daughter  
    Margett (Margaret Howell on g.s.) 86 NY W   (widow of Ebenezer)
  Atwater Susan 34 NY W servant  
177-181 Dunham Samuel 27 NY W farmer  
    Jane 26 NY W wife  
    Alexander 9 NY W son  
    Henry 6 NY W son  
    Eliza 2 NY W daughter  
178-182 Osborn Milton 46 NY W carpenter  
    Sally 39 NY W wife  
  Parkhurst Joseph 12 NY W step-son  
    Caroline E. 10 NY W step-daughter  
    Wm. H. 8 NY W step-son  
    Moses 6 NY W step-son  
    Harriet Ann 3 NY W step-daughter  
179-183 Bates Alfred 50 CT W farmer  
    Huldah 39 NY W wife  
    Warren Seymour 9 NY W son  
    Mary F. 6 NY W daughter  
    Charity Ann 5 NY W daughter  
180-184 Bates Sylvester 42 NY W farmer  
    Warren S(eymour) 40 NY W brother  
181-185 Sherwood Augustus M. 37 NY W farmer  
    Charlotte (King) 32 NY W wife  
    Mary H. 9 NY W daughter  
    Mariah 8 NY W daughter  
    Minerva 5 NY W daughter  
    William E. 1 NY W son  
182-186 Ayers Elias J. 54 NJ W farmer  
    Polly (Jones) 48 NY W wife  
    William 25 NY W son, teacher  
    Nathaniel 13 NY W son, farmer  
    Jane 20 NY W daughter  
    Oliver 15 NY W son  
187 Raymond Thomas B. 32 NY W son-in-law, carpenter  
    Lydia (Ayers) 28 NY W wife  
    Clarry 6 NY W daughter  
183-188 Cushing George 29 NY W farmer  
    Lucy Ann 28 NY W wife  
    James S. 5 NY W son  
  Rudy Susan M. 27 NY W sister-in-law  
184-189 Close Jonathan 26 NY W farmer  
    Amanda 24 NY W wife  
    Charles H. 6 NY W son  
    Fanny 5 NY W daughter  
    Debby J. 1 NY W daughter  
185-190 Gregory Thomas 54 NY W farmer  
    Laura 46 NY W wife  
    Emily A. 8 NY W daughter  
186-191 Rudy Henry 47 NY W farmer  
    Eleanor (Owen) 46 NY W wife  
    Lucy Ann 22 NY W daughter  
    Minor 20 NY W son  
    John 18 NY W son  
    Henry 16 NY W son  
    Mary 12 NY W daughter  
    James 10 NY W son  
    William N. 7 NY W son  
    Julia 2 NY W daughter  
187-192 Bradley Nathan T. 45 NY W widower, farmer  
    Amantha 28 NY W daughter  
    Lyman 28 NY W son  
    Halsey 21 NY W son  
    Susan 7 NY W daughter  
    Mary J. 4 NY W daughter  
    Betsy Jane 20 NY W sister  
188-193 Terry Asher 35 NY W farmer  
    Ann 30 NY W wife  
    R. 70 NY W father?  
    Rachael 3 NY W daughter  
    Augusta 1 NY W daughter  
189-194 Pratt Ephraim S. 35 NY W farmer  
    Huldah (Williams) 37 NY W wife  
    David S. 14 NY W son  
    Augusta 11 NY W daughter  
    T(amson) S. 10 NY W daughter  
    O(rlo) H. 8 NY W son  
    Louisa 6 NY W daughter  
    Florence 3 NY W daughter  
    J(ames) R. 1 NY W son  
  Crawford John 20 NY W laborer  
190-195 Norman Perry 37 NY W farmer  
    Mary 40 NY W wife  
191-196 Bradley David 50 CT W farmer  
    Mercy 43 NY W wife  
    Lorinda 19 NY W daughter  
    Abram 14 NY W son  
192-197 Taylor Robert 61 NY W farmer  
    Nancy (Fish) 33 NY W 2nd wife  
    James C. 19 NY W son  
    William W. 4mos NY W son  
193-198 Bridgemore Willie 69 England W farmer  
    Ann 59 England W wife  
    Ann 12 England W daughter  
194-199 Satemore/
William 44 England W farmer  
    Sarah 45 England W wife  
195-200 Tichenor Sherman 39 NY W farmer  
    Amy (Rudy) 29 NY W wife  
    Charlotte 9 NY W daughter  
    Lucy M. 6 NY W daughter  
    Emmy 2 NY W daughter  
  Fairchild Nathan 18 NY W laborer  
196-201 Close Smith 36 NY W carpenter  
    Rachael 35 NY W wife  
    Sidney 10 NY W son  
    Edwin 9 NY W son  
    Sarah 2 NY W daughter  
197-202 Fitzgerald Nathan C. 33 NY W farmer  
    Eleanor 74 NY W grandmother  
  Haggard James 7 NY W    
198-203 Page Orvis 51 VT W farmer  
    Penny 45 NH W wife  
    Alvin 17 NY W son  
    James 16 NY W son  
    William 14 NY W son  
    Augustus 13 NY W son  
    Henry 7 NY W son  
    Clarissa 2 NY W daughter  
199-204 Murphy Thomas J. 38 NY W farmer  
    Phebe Ann 31 NY W wife  
    Chauncy 7 NY W son  
    Mary Ann 6 NY W daughter  
200-205 Batty John 30 England W farmer  
    Jane 25 England W wife  
    Thomas 1 NY W son  
201-206 Voorhis Joseph 24 NY W wagonmaker  
    Eliza 20 NY W wife  
    Sarah E. 1 NY W daughter  
202-207 Flagg Elizabeth 54 NJ W   (widow of John J.)
    Samantha 24 NY W daughter  
    Adaline 17 NY W daughter  
203-208 Robinson Amos 61 NY W farmer  
    Rhoda (Wixom) 62 NY W wife  
  Dickenson Azulo 8 NY W granddaughter  
204-209 Voorhis Samuel 38 NY W millwright  
    Sally Ann 37 NY W wife  
    Mary G. 16 NY W daughter  
    Andrew 11 NY W son  
205-210 Andrew William 30 England W laborer  
    Sarah 27 England W wife  
    Eliza 3 England W daughter  
    Betsy 1 England W daughter  
    John 32 England W brother-in-law  
    Cluny 28 England W sister-in-law & wife to John  
  Brewer James 30 England W laborer  
  Russell John 25 England W laborer  
    Elizabeth 24 NJ W wife  
206-211 Carman Cornelius 72 NY W farmer  
  Powell Amy C. 53 NY W sister widow (of Dr. Elisha)
  Powell Antonette 14 NY W niece  
  Arnold Hannah 3 NY W grandniece daughter of Elizabeth
  Arnold Elizabeth 33 NY W niece, widow?  
207-212 Sawyer Sodevich 32 NY W laborer  
    Mary Ann 23 NY W wife  
    Moran 5 NY W son  
    Helen S. 1 NY W daughter  
208-213 Morgan William 55 NY W farmer  
    Betsy 47 NY W wife  
    Willis H. 24 NY W son  
    William H. 18 NY W son  

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