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1850 Census for Ulysses -- Part 7

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Note: These documents are old and faded, and the handwriting can be difficult to read, so there may be some creative name-guessing.

Number Visited Last Name Given Names Age Place of Birth Color Occupation Notes
209-214 Updike John 46 NY W farmer  
    Phebe (Hausner) 40 NY W wife  
    Louisa 20 NY W daughter  
    Amanda 14 NY W daughter  
210-215 Burlew Vanradeller 26 NY W farmer  
    Catharine M. 27 NY W wife  
211-216 Wyckoff Joseph 18 NY W merchant  
    Maranda 36 NY W mother  
    Harriet Ann 15 NY W sister  
    Mary C. 8 NY W sister  
    Horace 6 NY W brother  
212-217 Burlew Samuel 52 NY W farmer  
    Betsy Ann 44 NY W wife  
  Able Cordelia 24 NY W daughter (Mrs. Asbury)  
  Burlew Herman 23 NY W son  
    Frederick 21 NY W son  
    Lucetta 19 NY W daughter  
    Mariah J. 15 NY W daughter  
    Catharine P. 13 NY W daughter  
    Samuel 10 NY W son  
213-218 Rockinstyre Daniel 52 NY W mechanic  
    Emeline 50 NY W wife  
  Weeks Rhoda 19 NY W step-daughter  
    Albert 15 NY W step-son  
    Catharine 12 NY W step-daughter  
214-219 Updike Jacob 37 NY W   (son-in-law to Daniel Rockinstyre)
215-220 Fairchild John A. 30 NY W carpenter  
    Emeline M. 24 NY W wife  
    Sally 55 NY W mother  
216-221 Trapp J. O. 57 NY W cooper  
    Anna 54 NY W wife  
    J. M. 22 NY W son & boatman  
    Mary J. 20 NY W daughter  
    Adaline 17 NY W daughter  
    Uriah 14 NY W son  
    Martha 8 NY W daughter  
217-222 Gay William 56 PA W farmer  
    Mary 54 NJ W wife  
    Erastus 30 NY W son  
    Catharine 27 NY W daughter  
    George 25 NY W son  
    Amelia Ann 23 NY W daughter  
218-223 Post David 34 NY W farmer  
    Sarah (Terry) 34 NY W wife  
221-226 Wyckoff Peter 65 NJ W fannymaker  
    Elizabeth 65 NJ W wife  
  Weeks David 28 NY W son-in-law, pumpmaker  
    Martha Ann 25 NY W daughter  
    Elnora 2mos NY W granddaughter  
222-227 Wyckoff Charles W. 24 NY W fannymaker  
    Cynthia 22 NY W wife  
    J. F. 6mos NY W son  
223-228 Trowbridge Huron 38 NY W farmer  
    M. Jane (Wyckoff) 31 NY W wife  
    Martha E. 9 NY W daughter  
    Irving A. 2 NY W son  
224-229 Cole Nathan 35 NY W blacksmith  
    Mary (Letts) 24 NY W wife  
    Mortimer 8 NY W son  
    James A. 1 NY W son  
  Letts John 54 NJ W grocer  
225-230 Morris Alexander 42 NJ W    
    Harriet 38 NY W wife  
    Volmy 13 NY W son  
226-231 Treman Abner 47 NY W farmer  
    Jemima (Thomas) 46 NY W wife  
    Melissa 18 NY W daughter  
    Orinda 16 NY W daughter  
    Mary 13 NY W daughter  
    Abner 11 NY W son  
    Mary C. 9 NY W daughter  
    Alfred 7 NY W son  
    Penter Jane 70 NY W  
  Brewer Wyckoff 22 NY W laborer (son of Wm.)
227-232 Burlew George 49 NY W farmer  
    Elizabeth 34 NY W wife  
    Ann 8 NY W daughter  
    Ella 5 NY W daughter  
    Henry? 2mos NY W son  
228-233 Vescelius Edward 54 NY W shoemaker  
    Phebe 52 NY W wife  
    Elizabeth 20 NY W daughter  
    Theodoris 14 NY W son  
    Charles 18 NY W son  
229-234 Weaver John S. 48 NY W miller  
    Christina 43 NY W wife  
    Elnora C. 22 NY W daughter  
    Lucy E. 20 NY W daughter  
    Marvin B. 16 NY W son  
230-235 Fairchild F. E. 32 NY W laborer  
    Albena 26 NY W wife  
231-236 Goodwin William R. 35 NY W farmer [note: 1st wife, Mary Van Dyne died Apr 1848]
    Matilda 30 NY W wife (2nd wife)
    Edward O. 6 NY W son  
    John W. 4 NY W son  
400-417   Simon D. 1mos NY W    
232-237 McKeegan Robert 32 Ireland W lawyer  
    Phebe E. 24 NY W wife  
    Andrew 4 NY W son  
    William C. 2 NY W son  
233-238 Cole John 41 NY W blacksmith  
    Hannah (Loomis) 32 NY W wife  
    Helen 12 NY W daughter  
    Francis 10 NY W daughter  
    Charles 8 NY W son  
    Antoinette 4 NY W daughter  
  Lewis Justin 17 NY W blacksmith  
234-239 Trowbridge John 45 NY W lawyer  
    Laura 35 NY W wife  
    Edward A. 14 NY W son  
236-241 Hewitt Henry S. 46 NY W physician  
    June E. 39 NY W wife  
    Hiram H. 19 NY W son, carpenter  
    Charles H. 18 NY W son, farmer  
    Theodore C. 15 NY W son  
    Nathanial N. 10 NY W son  
    William 5 NY W son  
237-242 Cole Sarah 44 NY W   widow?
238-243 Letts Peter 45 NY W fannymaker  
    Eda 44 NY W wife  
    John 14 NY W son  
    Lewis 10 NY W son  
    George 7 NY W son  
    Delos 4 NY W son  
    Deforest 3 NY W son  
239-244 Close Rheuben 60 NY W farmer  
    Deborah 60 NY W wife  
  Greenly William 40 NY W son, widower  
  Greenly Orson 5 NY W grandson  
240-245 Hill Julius C. 20 NY W boatman  
    Mariah 18 NY W wife  
  Sharp Ann 12 NY W   sister-in-law?
241-246 Owen Levi H(eadley) 33 NY W merchant  
    Marilda J. (Letts) 30 NY W wife  
    Mary E. 11 NY W daughter  
    Emma R. 3 NY W daughter  
  VanDyne William 16 NY W clerk  
242-247 Close Josiah 28 NY W farmer  
    Elizabeth 24 NY W wife  
    Ezra 2 NY W son  
    Jeremiah 1 NY W son  
    Catharine 21 NY W sister  
    Thomas C. 19 NY W son  
243-248 Brewer William 43 NY W farmer  
    Mary 47 NY W wife  
    Elizabeth J. 19 NY W daughter  
    Abram 17 NY W son  
    Joseph 14 NY W son  
    Margaret 8 NY W daughter  
    Mary A. 6 NY W daughter  
    Julia Ett 2 NY W daughter  
244-249 Terry Joseph 67 NY W farmer  
    Meribah 62 NY W wife  
    Henry 29 NY W son  
245-250 Bower Thomas 58 Scotland W farmer  
    Marion 50 Scotland W wife  
    Jane 40 NY W sister  
    Charles M. 38 NY W brother  
    Marion 19 NY W daughter  
    George 17 NY W son  
  Mathews Edward 21 NY W laborer  
  Wooden Clark 13 NY W laborer  
246-251 Wooden Ezra 50 NY W farmer  
    Bethama 50 NY W wife  
    Lydia 17 NY W daughter  
    Lucy J. 15 NY W daughter  
    Lewison 10 NY W son  
    Palmer 77 NY W father [note: a 2yr old child of Ezra's drowned in Trumansburg 30 Jun 1833, according to newspaper.]
247-252 Wooden Jarvis 51 NY W farmer  
    Deborah (Bowerman) 35 NY W 2nd wife  
    Silas 21 NY W son  
    Martha 1mos NY W daughter  
248-253 Mead Isaiah 40 NY W farmer  
    Mary Ann (Morgan) 36 NY W wife  
    Sarah 8 NY W daughter  
    Joshua 6 NY W son  
    George 4 NY W son  
    Hannah 2 NY W daughter  
    William 2mos NY W son  
249-254 Wortman Gabriel 32 NY W farmer  
    Margaret 26 NY W   1st wife
250-255 Dunn Benjamin 44 NY W farmer  
    Priscilla (Crawford) 33 NY W wife  
    Mary S. 15 NY W daughter  
    Catharine E. 6 NY W daughter
  Crawford Lydia Ann 35 NY W sister-in-law  
251-256 Dunn Runion 54 NY W farmer  
    Eliza (Hinkley) 45 NY W wife  
    Benjamin 19 NY W son  
    Albert 17 NY W son  
    Runion Jr. 11 NY W son  
    Harriet 6 NY W daughter  
    Ann 3 NY W daughter  
  Hinkley Nancy 65 NY W mother-in-law  
252-257 Cramer William 34 NY W farmer  
    Almyra 28 NY W wife  
    Mary Ann 3 NY W daughter  
253-258 Rouse Joseph 42 NY W farmer  
    Harriet 36 NY W wife  
    Alonzo 14 NY W son  
    Nancy Ann 8 NY W daughter  
    Martha 5 NY W daughter  
    Thadius 2mos NY W son  
254-259 Cole Hiram 39 NY W farmer  
    Amy (Hausner) 35 NY W wife  
    William 14 NY W son  
    Irvin 9 NY W son  
    Alvira 8 NY W daughter  
    Ann (Ruann) 6 NY W daughter  
    Delphine 2 NY W daughter  
255-260 Updike Abram G. 48 NY W farmer  
    Lorinda (Hooper) 40 NY W wife (had 14 ch.)
    VanRenssalaer 21 NY W son  
    Elijah 19 NY W son  
    Caroline 17 NY W daughter  
    John 16 NY W son  
    Minerva 14 NY W daughter  
    Lorinda 12 NY W daughter  
    Alvah 10 NY W son  
    Mary 9 NY W daughter  
    Grover 7 NY W son  
    Edwin 5 NY W son  
    Herman 3 NY W son  
    Martha 7mos NY W daughter  
256-261 Aldridge Watson 60 NY W farmer  
    Polly P. (Updike?) 46 NY W wife  
    James 24 NY W son  
    Peter S. 22 NY W son  
    Emily C. 19 NY W daughter  
    Lewis H. 16 NY W son  
    Annis L. 13 NY W daughter  
    Harriet E. 8 NY W daughter  
257-262 Bower John 43 NY W farmer  
    Eunice 41 NY W wife  
    George 17 NY W son  
    William 15 NY W son  
    Sofrona 13 NY W daughter  
    David 11 NY W son  
    Willis 4 NY W son  
    Mary 1mos NY W daughter  
258-263 Bower Alexander 49 Scotland W farmer  
    Jane (Cooper) 32 NY W wife  
    Horace 8 NY W son  
  Leonard Catharine 22 NY W servant  
  Weeks George 17 NY W laborer  
259-264 Snyder Samuel S. 60 NY W saddlemaker  
    Turty? 42 NY W wife  
    Jeremiah C. 4 NY W son?  
    Francis M. 3 NY W son?  
46-46   Mary Ann 1 NY W daughter?  
260-265 Leonard Benjamin 30 NY W laborer  
    Hannah 36 NY W wife  
    Frances S. 8 NY W daughter  
  Cole Hiram 7 NY W    
    Nathan 5 NY W    
    Margaret Ann 2 NY W    
261-266 Atwater Elijah 60 CT W farmer  
    Sally 55 NY W wife  
    Lyman 24 NY W son  
    Rachael 19 NY W daughter  
    Martha 16 NY W daughter  
262-267 Smith Peter 73 NY W farmer  
    Clarrisa 72 NY W wife  
  Wheeler Lucinda 11 NY W    
263-268 Updike Burgoon 73 NJ W farmer  
    Synthia 45 NY W daughter  
    Mariah 43 NY W daughter  
    Burgoon Jr. 41 NY W son  
    Ida 38 NY W daughter  
    Jacob 34 NY W son  
    Ralph 31 NY W son  
    Eliza Ann 31 NY W daughter  
    David 28 NY W son  

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