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1850 Census for Ulysses -- Part 8

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Note: These documents are old and faded, and the handwriting can be difficult to read, so there may be some creative name-guessing.

Number Visited Last Name Given Names Age Place of Birth Color Occupation Notes
264-269 Whitehead Gilbert 23 NY W farmer  
    Ann 34 NY W wife?  
  Sawyer Orenza J. 10 NY W    
  Sawyer Thomas A. 8 NY W    
  Sawyer Hiram D. 2 mos. NY W    
265-270 Traver Walter 34 NY W farmer  
    Catharine 36 NY W wife  
    Egbert W. 11 NY W son  
    Albert R. 8 NY W son  
    Julia E. 5 NY W daughter  
266-271 Van Kirk David A. 34 NY W farmer  
    Asenath S(herwood) 30 NY W wife  
    John C 4 NY W son  
    Sally F. 7 mos. NY W daughter  
  Greenly Sarah E. 11 NY W    
262-272 Smith Minor T. 33 NY W farmer  
    Mariah M. (King) 27 NY W wife  
    Deborah A. 4 NY W daughter  
  King Ruth 50 NY W wife's aunt  
  Updike Alexander 16 NY W farm laborer  
268-273 Wortman Lewis Halsey 33 NY W farmer  
    Phebe Ann 32 NY W wife  
    Minerva J. 13 NY W daughter  
    Frances H. 11 NY W daughter  
    Mary 5 NY W daughter  
269-274 Keneda Abram 48 NY W farmer  
    Lavina (Wortman) 47 NY W wife  
  Viscelius Catharine 49 NY W boarder?  
  Viscelius Robert 14 NY W son  
  Letts Helen 13 NY W helper?  
270-275 Forsythe Jonathan 69 MA W farmer  
    Mary 67 MA W wife  
271-276 Mosher William 27 NY W farmer  
    Caroline 25 NY W wife  
    Charles W. 1 NY W son  
272-277 Jewett Reuben H. 54 NY W farmer  
    Jane 83 NY W mother b. NJ
    Jane F(orsythe) 45 NY W wife  
  Rockwell Thomas 12 NY W grandson?  
273-278 Trembly Henry 30 NY W farmer  
    Betsy Ann 28 NY W wife  
    Caroline E. 9 NY W daughter  
274-279 Van Kirk Enoch 53 NJ W farmer  
    Rebecca (Stout) 52 NY W wife  
    Ira S. 25 NY W son  
    Keneda Rebecca 19 NY W  
275-280 Goodwin George 62 PA W farmer  
    Cynthia 50 VT W wife  
    Hannibal 27 NY W son  
    Mariah E. 19 NY W daughter  
    Philancy 12 NY W daughter  
276-281 Huson Ranson B. 43 NY W farmer  
    Lucinda 44 NY W wife  
    Lucy W. 13 NY W daughter  
    Margaret S. 10 NY W daughter  
63-64   Daniel T. 6 NY W son  
277-282 Mack David 33 NY W farmer  
    Eliza 33 NY W wife  
    Caroline A. 15 NY W daughter  
    David 13 NY W son  
    Mary Eliza 6 NY W daughter [note: I think the following are in Jacksonville, or at least nearby.]
278-283 Dean William 46 NY W wagonmaker  
    Sally B. (Smith) 42 NY W wife  
    Harriet 19 NY W daughter  
    Beverly S. 18 NY W daughter  
    Emily 15 NY W daughter  
    Edward 13 NY W son  
    Julia 11 NY W daughter  
    Sullivan 9 NY W son  
    Oscar 7 NY W son  
    Chauncy 3 NY W son  
279-284 VanBuskirk Peter 49 NY W cabinetmaker  
    Lydia Ann (Bowlby) 46 NY W wife  
    Ann 22 NY W daughter  
    Eliza 21 NY W daughter  
    Hannah 19 NY W daughter  
    Sarah 17 NY W daughter  
    Helen 15 NY W daughter  
    Jane 9 NY W daughter  
280-285 James Monroe 22 NY W carpenter  
    Louisa 18 NY W wife  
281-286 Huson Sally 50 NY W widow  
282-287 Chase Abram 73 NY W physican  
    Henry B. 27 NY W son, physican  
    Tamer Ann 22 NY W daughter  
  Bradley Hubbard 30 NY W student  
283-288 Hentperter? Benjamin 53 NY W shoemaker  
    Sarah 50 NY W wife  
    Martha A. 20 NY W daughter  
    Mary 16 NY W daughter  
    Benjamin 25 NY W son, shoemaker  
284-289 Farrington Peter 30 NY W farmer  
    Ann D. (Pierson) 31 NY W wife  
    Francis P. 9 NY W son  
    Melissa 7 NY W daughter  
    Simon D. 5 NY W son  
    Lawrence 40 NY W brother  
285-290 Hall David 62 NJ W farmer  
    Mary (Cooper) 56 CT W wife  
  George Mary 81 CT W mother-in-law [note: she is widow of Thomas Cooper and unknown George]
  Cooper Jon 45 NY W brother-in-law  
    Harriet 46 NY W wife of Jon b. CT
286-291 Swartwout Henry 28 NY W carpenter  
    Ann 25 NY W wife  
    Geliska 2 NY W daughter  
287-292 VanOrder Adam 45 NY W farmer  
    Mariah 36 NY W wife  
    Hezikiah 18 NY W son, carpenter  
    Elizabeth 13 NY W daughter  
    William 9 NY W son  
    Mary 6 NY W daughter  
    Caroline 1 NY W daughter  
288-293 Wilson Jeremiah 26 NY W carpenter  
    Rebecca 21 NY W wife  
289-294 Conover Elias 28 NY W farmer  
    Margaret 22 NY W wife  
    Catharine R. 3 NY W daughter  
290-295 Hine Horace 30 NY W Meth. Minister  
    Charlotte A. 28 NY W wife  
    George M. 7 NY W son  
    Ann A. 5 NY W daughter  
    Cerine? S. 3 NY W daughter (very hard to read)  
291-296 Smith George W. 37 NY W physian  
    Mariah 32 NY W wife  
    Elizabeth C. 13 NY W daughter  
292-297 Culver Richard 42 NY W carpenter  
    Elsie (Sherer) 37 NY W wife  
    Lewis 14 NY W son  
    Edwin 8 NY W son  
    Isabel 6 NY W daughter  
    Ann 4 NY W daughter  
    Frank 2 NY W son  
  Wood Huson 22 NY W farmer  
    George 18 NY W apprentice carpenter  
  Gillespie Joseph 24 NY W carpenter  
293-298 Belknap Eleazer G. 48 NY W drover  
    Louisa 39 NY W wife  
    Charles C. 16 NY W son boatman
    John S. 11 NY W son  
    Emmy J. 7 NY W daughter  
    Elly F. 4 NY W daughter  

Thank you Karen Dickson for donating and transcribing this census!

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