Lansing Church Records (Marriages)
Evangelical United Congregations of Milton and Scipio Lansing Township
Tompkins Co. New York

Material donated and transcribed by
Kent Davis


These marriages were taken from Church Records, Bibles	 Wills and Deeds. 
The soldiers of various wars are marked thus in the section with men. 

	French and Indian War =  
	Revolutionary War = ! 
	War of 1812= " 
	# = ch record 
  	@ = Northampton Wills 
	? = Hamilton Union Ch. rec. 
	$ = TC wills 
	* = Landmarks of Tompkins Co. New York by Selkreg, 1894 
Armstrong, Harriet N.	# 	m. Andrew Metzger 

Banker, Maria 		# 	m. Jacob Smith 
Bauer, Catharine 	# 	m. Melchior s/o Peter and Veronica 
Bauer, Margaret 		m. Samuel s/o Lwelleyn and Martha 
  				(Jones) Davis 
	23 August 1791 Falckner Swamp Ref. Ch. Montgomery Co. Pa. 
Bauer, Sarah 		# m. 	Andrew s/o Christopher and Christina 
				Bossard) Keller 
Bauer, Sarah  		# m. 	Israel s/o Benjamin and Catharine(Geist)
Bauer/Bower, Susan 	# m. 	David s/o Peter and Catharine(Rice)Sausman 
				3 December 1815 
Bauer, Susanna 		# m. 	Palmer Baker/Bacher 
Bauer, Susanna 		# m. 	Honteeter s/o Tillman and Maria Eva 
  				Bauer she died 27 Sep 1812 
Becker, Margaret 	# m. 	John Rohrbach 
Bidelman, Elizabeth 	# m. 	Henry Teeter her dates 15 Jun 1749 - 
				4 Apr 1804 # 
Bloom, Anna 		# m. 	Henry s/o Honteeter and Susanna (Teeter)Bauer 
Bloom, Elizabeth 	# m. 	William s/o Wm. and Elizabeth (Long)Labar 
Bloom, Margaret 	# m. 	Charles s/o Wm. and Elizabeth (Long) Labar 
Bloom, Sarah 		# m. 	Philip s/o Wm. and Elizabeth (Long) Labar 
Bossard, Christina 	@ m. 	Christopher Keller 
Breit/Bright,Elizabeth 	# m. 	William Gibbs 
Bruker, Margaret 	# m. 	Conrad Foster 
Broak, Elizabeth wd/o Wm.# m. 	2nd: Honteeter s/o Tillman and Maria Eva 

Carl, Phebe 		# m. 	Isaac s/o Conrad & Christina(Keller)Teeter 
Clark, Elizabeth Ann 	# m. 	Jared Foot Conrad, Louisa m. John s/o Peter 
				and Mrs. Anna Dietz Snyder 
Conrad, Anna Margaretha m. 	Peter s/o Peter and Mrs. Anna Dietz 
Snyder Conrad, Sarah 	# m. 	John Adam s/o Tillman and Maria Eva Bauer 
				27 May 1798 
Dieren, Hannah 		# m. 	Sebastian Smith 
Dilts, Rachel 		# m. 	Henry George Deshong 
Dollar, Elizabeth 	# m. 	William Savarcool 
Dubber, Joanna 		# m. 	John George s/o George and Hannah Gerhard 
Emerick, Sarah 		# m. 	Henry Smith 
Engel, Sophia 		# m. 	John Aspine 
Erve, Elizabeth 		# m. David Casper 9 Oct 1803 
				wit: Henry and Peter Sausman and parents 
Fenner, Elizabeth 	# m. 	Peter Kintz 
Fenner, Susanna 	# m. 	Henry Shoemaker 
Fischel, Barbara 	# m. 	John Bushman 
Flen/Flinn, Anna 	# m. 	John Smith 
Foot, Catharine 	# m. 	John Conrad 
Foot, Elizabeth 	# m. 	Casper Fenner 
Fortner, Maria 		# m. 	Ludwig Haupt 
Friese, Maria 		# m. 	John Alexander 
Fried, Anna 		# m. 	Jacob s/o Johan Nicholas Bauer 
				14 December 1790 Falckner Swamp Ref.Ch. 
				Montgomery Co. Pa. 
Gerhard, Margaret 	m. 	Jacob Bayer/Boyer 
Geist, Catharine 	# m. 	Benjamin Jacobs 
Goodwin, Katharine d/o Wm. *m. `Col. Henry s/o Ephraim and Catharine Bloom 
Hauser, Elizabeth 	# m. 	George s/o Tillman and Maria Eva Bauer 
Hauser, Joanna 		# m. 	Henry Conrad 
Heller, Maria 		# m. 	Philip s/o Melchior & Margaretha (Keller)
Heller, Margaretha 	m. 	Henry Hauser DAR 
Heller, Veronica ? 	m. 	lst: Peter Conrad  ? m. 2nd: Melchior s/o 
				Philip and Eva (-)Bossard 
Houck, Catharine 	m. 	Carl/Charles Hauser pro.s/o Henry and 
				Margaretha [Heller] Hauser 

Jones, Martha 		m. 	Llwelleyn Davis 

Keller, Catharine 	@ m. 	Michael s/o Michael and Elizabeth (Weaver)
Keller, Christina 	# m. 	Conrad s/o Henry and Elizabeth(Beidelman) 
				Teeter m. 1791 
Keller, Maria 		# m. 	Jacob s/o Henry & Elizabeth(Beidelman)Teeter 
Kline, Maria 		# m. 	John Bauer 

Labar, Anna Maria 	m. 	Jonas Smith 
Labar, Catharine 	# m. 	Daniel s/o Henry & Elizabeth (Beidelman)
				Teeter 14 February 1804 wit: her and 
  				his mothers 
Labar, Maria Barbara 	m. 	John Long DAR 
Labar, Maria/Mary 	# m. 	Abraham s/o Ephraim and Catharine Bloom  
Labar, Anna Maria 	# m. 	Philip Peck 
Landes, Elizabeth 	# m. 	Conrad Snyder 
Larn, Catharine 	# m. 	(John)Henry s/o Frederick and Maria Miller 
				23 December 1802 # 
Long, Elizabeth 	# m. 	William Labar DAR 
Longnecker, Eliz. 	# m. 	----- Locke 
Ludlow, Matilda 	# m. 	Henry s/o George and Catharine (Storms)Rhodes 

Mersh, Catharine 	# m. 	George Fenner 
Mersh, Elizabeth 	# m. 	George Fenner ?????? 
Merwin, Maria 		# m. 	Jonas Metzger 
Miller, Catharine 	# m. 	John Foot Nelson 
---- 			# m. 	Isaac s/o Conrad and Christina(Keller)Teeter 

Peck, Barbara 		# m. 	John Philip Snyder 
Peck, Margaret 		$ m. 	Daniel Fenner 
Peck, Maria 		# m. 	Joseph s/o Honteeter and Susanna (Teeter) 
Peck, Rachel 		#$ m. 	Samuel Boyer he was born 1803 in Pa. 
Pratz, Catharine 	? m. 	Joseph Eberhard/Everhart 
Pratz, Elizabeth 	? m. 	Joseph Smith 
Rice, Catharine 	# m. 	Peter Sausman 
Rice, Margaret 		# m. 	Peter Teeter 
Rhoads, Mary 		# m. 	Henry Hauser pro. s/o Henry & Margaretha 
				(Heller) Hauser 
Rohr, Elizabeth 	# m. 	George Bossard 

Sly, Wynche 		# m. 	Henry s/o Henry Teeter 
Schmeltzer, Magdalena 	# m. 	Christopher Jonson/Johnson 
Smith, Charity 		m. lst: John Ozmun who died 1812 2nd: John Collins 
Snyder, Catharine 	# m. 	Jacob Kratz 
Snyder, Hannah 		#? m. 	Andrew Miller 
Snyder, Louisa Conrad	@? m. 	George Gauer 
Spooner, Susan 		# m. 	Amasa Armstrong 
Storms, Catharine 	m. 	George Rhodes DAR 
Storms, Dorothea/Dorothy # m. 	Jacob Shoemaker 

Teeter, Anna 		# m. 	George s/o Melchior and Catharine(Bauer)Conrad 
Teeter, Catharine 	# m. 	John s/o Henry & Catharine (L[e]arn) Miller 
Teeter, Christina 	# m. 	Henry s/o Ephraim and Catharine Bloom 
Teeter, Christina	# m. 	John Collins 
Teeter, Rachel 		# m. 	Reuben Whitlock 
Teeter, Susanna 	# m. 	Honteeter s/o Tillman and Maria Eva (-) 

VanDusen, Anna 		# m. 	Sebastian Smith 
Weaver/Weber, Elizabeth m. 	1st: Michael Butz d.1779 DAR 2nd: 
  				Michael Messinger d. 1791 
Young, Rosina 		# m. 	John s/o Tillman and Maria Eva 
  				Bauer 20 January 1789 Fackner Swamp Ref.

? Hannah 		# m. 	John Algar(t?) 
			# m. 	Daniel Bauer 
			# m. 	David Bauer 1814/1816 
			# m. 	Elias Bauer 1811 
			# m. 	George Bauer 
? Maria Eva 		# m. 	Tillman Bauer 
? Susanna 		# m. 	------ Berger 
Sarah 			# m. 	Christian Bingle 
? Catharine 		# m. 	Ephraim Bloom 
? Magdalene 		# m. 	John Foot/Fuhs 
? Elizabeth 		# m. 	Michael Frankenfield 
? Anna Maria 		# m. 	Simon Fries 
? Anna 			# m. 	------ Grove 
  			# m. 	J. Keens 
? Maria 		# m. 	Frederick Long 
Maria 			# m. 	Peter Miller bef 1826 
? Margaret 		# m. 	Michael Sly 
Lavina 			# m. 	Abel Snyder 
Anna Maria Strahle 	m. ? 
Wyche Sly, wife Henry Teeter, died in his Public House when it burned down. 
All 9 of their children died before 1894. (Landmarks p332) 
Alexander, John 	m. 	Maria Friese 
Armstrong, Amasa 	m. 	Susan Spooner 
Aspine, John 		m. 	Sophia Engel 

Bacher/Baker, Palmer 	! m. 	Susanna d/o Tillman and Maria Eva Bauer 
Bauer, George 		m. 	Elizabeth Hauser pro. d/o Henry & Margaretha
 				(Heller) Hauser 
Bauer, Henry 		m. 	Anna d/o Abraham and Mary Bloom 
Bauer, Honteeter 	m. 	Susannah d/o Henry & 
			m. 	2nd: Elizabeth, widow of William Broak 
Bauer, Jacob 		m. 	Anna d/o Peter Fried 
Bauer, John 		m. 	Rosina d/o Henry Young 
Bauer, John Adam 	m. 	Sarah Conrad pro d/o Melchior & Catharine 
				(Bauer) Conrad 
Bauer, John 		m. 	Maria Kline bef 1800 
Bauer, Joseph 		m. 	Maria Peck d/o Philip and Mary(Labar)Peck 
Bauer, Tillman 		! m.	Maria Eva 1744 Germany - 29 August 1810 New 
				York DAR Pvt. Pa. 
Bayer, Jacob 		m. 	Margaret Gerhard 
Bickle, John 		m. 	Sarah d/o Melchior and Susanna Snyder 
Bloom, Abraham 		" m. 	Maria d/o Charles and Margaret(Bloom)Labar 
Bloom, Abraham 		" m. 	Maria d/o Charles and Margaret(Bloom)Labar 
Bloom, Abraham 		m. 	Margaret (is she Mary Margaret?) 
Bloom, Ephraim 			!  m. 1st: Catharine m. 
  				2nd: Elizabeth (Long) Labar see Bloom 13 
				November 1728 Pa. - 17 November 1828 
  				New York DAR Pvt.Pa 
Bloom, Henry 		" m. 	lst:Katharine d/o Wm. Goodwin she died 
  				ae 18yrs m. 2nd:Christina d/o Jacob & 
Bossard, George 	m. 	Elizabeth Rohr 
Bossard, Melchior 	! m. 	lst: Margaretha d/o Christopher Keller 
  				m. 2nd:Veronica Heller Conrad 8 December 
				1745 Pa. - 9 February 1830 Northampton 
Bossard, Philip 	m. 	Maria Heller/Keller 
Boyer, Samuel 		m. 	Rachel d/o Philip & Anna Maria(Labar)Peck
Bushman, John 		m. 	Barbara Fischel 
Butz, Michael  		m. 	Elizabeth d/o Jacob and Anna Maria Weaver 		
				1728 Pa. - July 1779 Pa. DAR Northampton 
  				Co.Pa. /Weber 
Butz, Michael 		m. 	Catharine d/o Christopher and Christina 
				(Bossard) Keller 
Butz, Peter 		m. 	Elizabeth 

Casper, David 		m. 	Elizabeth Erve 
Collins, John 		m. 	lst:Christina d/o Peter & Margaret (Rice)
				Teeter m. 2nd:Charity d/o John Smith wd/o 
				John Ozmun 
Conrad, George 		m. 	Anna d/o Jacob and Mary (Keller) Teeter 
Conrad, Henry 		m. 	Joanna Hauser 
Conrad, John 		m. 	Catharine Foot 
Conrad, Melchior 	m. 	Catharine d/o Tillman & Maria Eva Bauer 
Conrad, Peter 		m. 	Veronica d/o J.Simon & Louisa(Deitz)Heller 
				16 August 1737 Germany - 22 November 
  				1789 Northampton Pa.DAR lst Lt. Pa 
Conrad, Peter 		m. 	Maria (Sly d/o Michael?) 

Davis, Samuel 		m. 	Margaret d/o Johan Nicholas Bauer 
Davis, Llewelleyn 	m. 	Martha d/o Thomas Jones 1755 Pa - June 
				1809 Berks Co. Pa. DAR Lt Pa. 
Deshong, Henry George 	m. 	Rachel Dilts 

Eberhard, Joseph 	m. 	Catharine d/o George and Catharine Pratz 
Fenner, Daniel 		m. 	Margaret d/o Philip and Mary (Labar) Peck 
Fenner, Casper s/o George m. 	Elizabeth d/o Jared & Elizabeth Ann(Clark)
				Foot l Jan. 1851 Elizabeth (Foot) Fenner
				g.g.d/o Jared Foot of R.I. 
Fenner, George 		m. 	lst:Elizabeth Mersh 
  			m. 	2nd:Catharine Mersh(are John & George same? 
Fenner, John 		m. 	Catharine Mersh 
Foot, Jared 		m. 	Elizabeth Ann Clark 
Foot, John 		m. 	Catharine Miller 1758 England 1817 New York DAR 
Foster, Conrad 		m. 	Margaret Bruker 

Gauer, George 		m. 	2nd: Louisa (Conrad) wd/o John Schneider 
Gerhard, John George 	m. 	Joanna Dubber 
Gibbs, William 		m. 	Elizabeth Breit/Bright d/o Philip 
Gilmore, Gabriel 	m. 	Diate Gottriet 
Haupt, Ludwig 		m. 	Maria Fortner 
Hauser, Carl/Charles 	m. 	Catharine Houck 31 October 1809 
  				Hopewell Twp. York County, Pa. 
Hauser, Henry 		m. 	Margaretha d/o Johan Simon & 
  				Louisa[Dietz]Heller 1756 Germany - 14 August
		 		1810 Northampton Co.Pa.DAR 
Hauser, Henry 		m. 	Mary/Margaret d/o George and Catharine Rhoads 
Haupt, Ludwing 		m. 	Maria Fortner 
Heller, J. Simon 	m. 	lst: Louisa Deitz m. 2nd: Margaretha -- 
				18 June 1721 Germany - 20 May 1785 
				Northampton Co. Pa.DAR PS Pa. 
Jacobs, Benjamin 	m. 	Catharine Geist 
Jacobs, Israel 		m. 	Sarah d/o John Adam & Sarah (Conrad) Bauer 
Jonson/Jansen, Christofel m. 	Magdalena Schmetzer Karn see Kern 

Keller, Andrew 		m. 	Elizabeth d/o Tillman and Maria Eva Bauer 
Keller, Christopher 	m. 	Christina d/o Melchior and Margaretha Bossart 12 October 1743 Europe - 10 June 1795 Northampton 
Kintz, Peter 		m. 	Elizabeth Fenner 
Kratz, Jacob 		m. 	Catharine Snyder 
Labar, Charles 		! m. 	Margaret d/o Ephraim and Catharine Bloom 
Labar, Philip 		m. 	Sarah d/o Ephraim and Catharine Bloom 
Labar, William 		m. 	Elizabeth d/o Ephraim and Catharine Bloom 
Labar, William 		! m. 	Elizabeth d/o John and Maria Barbara 
  				Long 3 May 1730 - 10 Oct 1800 DAR 
Long, John 		m. 	Maria Barbara Labar 1718 Switzerland 
  				- 8 Dec 1786 Pa. DAR 
Metzger, Andrew 	m. 	Harriet d/o Amasa and Susan Armstrong 
Metzger, George 	m. 	Catharine d/o J. Simon and Catharina Heller 
Metzger, Jonas 		m. 	Maria Merwin Metzger, William m. Mary Ann 
				d/o Samuel and Margaret Newman 
Miller, Andrew 		m. 	Hannah d/o Peter and Margaretha Snyder 
Miller, Henry 		m. 	Catharine d/o John Larn/Learn 
Miller, John 		m. 	Catharine d/o Jacob & Maria(Keller)Teeter 
Newman, Henry 		m. 	Mary Kuglevin 
Newman, Henry 		m. 	Mary/Margaret d/o George and Catharine Rhoads 

Peck, Philip 		m. 	Anna Maria d/o Charles and Margaret Labar 

Roth/Rhodes, George 	m. 	Catharine Storms 1755 Pa. - 23 October 
				1823 New York DAR Pvt. Pa. 
Rhodes, Henry 		m. 	Marilda Ludlow b. 29 Jul 1804 - 31 Aug 1865 
				19 Dec 1799 - 17 Aug 1873 
Rohrbach, John 		m. 	Margaret Becker 

Sausman, Peter 		m. 	Catharine Rice 
Sausman, David 		m. 	Susan d/o John and Rosina (Youngs)Bauer 
Sava(r)cool,William 	m. 	Elizabeth Dollar 
Sava(r)cool, William 	m. 	Maria P. (Weaver?) 
Shoemaker, Henry 	m. 	Susanna Fenner 
Shoemaker, Jacob 	m. 	Dorothea Storms 
Smith, Henry 		m. 	Sarah Emerich 
Smith, Jacob 		m. 	Maria Banker (? Bacher) 
Smith, Jonas 		m. 	Anna Maria Labar 1763 Pa. - 16 October 1822 
				New Jersey DAR Pvt. Pa. 
Smith, John 		m. 	Anna Flen (?Flinn) 
Smith, Joseph 		m.	Elizabeth d/o George and Catharine Pratz 
Smith, Sebastian 	m. 	Hannah Dieren 
Smith, Sebastian 	m. 	Ann VanDusen 
Snyder, Conrad 		m. 	Elizabth Landes 
Snyder, John Philip 	m. 	Barbara d/o Philip and Anna Maria Peck 
Snyder, John (Schneider) m. 	Louisa d/o Peter and Veronica Conrad 
Snyder, Peter (Schneider) m. 	Anna Margaretha d/o Peter and Veronica Conrad 
Snyder, William 	m. 	Eliza d/o George Roth 
Spicer, Nathan Jr. 	m. 	Catharine Philkins (Felkin) 1759 Ct. - 
				August 1843 New York DAR He is probably the 
				son of Nathan Sr. 10 September 1735 Ct 
  				- 27 July 1811 N.Y. who married 
				lst: Leah --- 
				2nd: Abigail Mayhew DAR Patriotic Service 

Teeter, Conrad 		m. 	Christina d/o Christ. & Christina Keller 
Teeter, Daniel 		m. 	Catharine d/o Wm. & Elizabeth (Bloom) Labar 
Teeter, Elias 		m. 	Susanna 
Teeter, Henry 		! m. 	Elizabeth Beidleman 1743 Pa. - 10 December 
				1804 New York Pvt PS Pa DAR 
Teeter, Henry 		m. 	Wyche d/o Michael and Margaret Sly 
Teeter, Isaac 		m. 	lst: Phebe Carl m. 2nd: ----- Nelson 
Teeter, Jacob 		m. 	Maria d/o Christ. & Christina 
Teeter, Peter 		m. 	Margaret Rice 

Whitlock, Reuben 	m. 	Rachel d/o Conrad & Christina(Keller)Teeter 
Unknown spouses 
Algar(t), John 		m. 	Hannah 
Bauer, Daniel 		m. 
Bauer, David 		m. 	1814/1816 
Bauer, Elias 		m. 	1811 
Bauer, Jesse 		m. 	Catharine 
Bellows, 		m. 	Margaret 
Berger, ----- 		m. 	Susanna 
Bingle, Christian 	m. 	Sarah 
Bingle, Joseph 		m. 	Lavina 
Bohan, Robert 		m. 	Maria 
Brack, Christian 	m. 	Polly 
Broak, William  	m. 	Elizabeth 
Clark, Robert 		m. 	Nellie 
Conger, Joseph 		m. 
Conrad, Jacob 		m. 	Betherin 
Deshong, Walbert 	m. 	Anna Maria 
Doria, Garret 		m. 	Margaret 
Dorland, George 	m. 	Anna 
Dupot, 			m. 	Diana 
Eberhart, George 	m. 
Eberhart, Jacob 	m. 	
Felkin, Jacob 		m. 	Eleanora 
Fenner, Adam 		m. 	Susanna 
Fenner, Felix 		m. 	Elizabeth 
Fenner, Casper 		m. 	Susanna 
Fenner, John 		m. 	Magdalena 
Filkin, Dr. David 	m. 	
Foot, John 		m. 	Magdalena 
Foot, John Jr. 		m. 
Foot, Philip 		m. 	Barbara 
Frankenfield, Michael 	m. 	Elizabeth Fuhs see Foot 
Fries, Simon 		m. 	Anna Maria 
Gerhard, Frederick 	m. 
Gerhard, George 	m. 	Hannah 
Gerhard, 		m. 	Anna Martha 
Goodwin, William 
Gress, Michael 		m. 	Sarah 
Grove, ----- 		m. 	Anna 
Hamel, Daniel 		m. 	Catharine 
Hauser, Carl/Charles 	m. 	Catharine 
Hauser, Christian 	m. 
Heil, Nicholas 		m. 	Flora 
Heller, Jesse 		m. 	Eva 
Hendershot, Isaac 	m. 	Maria 
Hess, Abraham 		m. 	Maria Magdalena 
Hilgert, Jacob 		m. 	Catharine 
Hoffman, George 	m. 	Maria 
Houtz, Arthur 		m. 	Catharine 
Jager, Peter 		m. 
Jetter, Daniel 		m. 	Catharine 
Johnson, Stossel 	m. 	Magdalena by 1801 
Keens, J. 		m. 	
Kern, Christian 	m. 	Catharine 
Kotzin, 		m. 	Catharine 
Kradik, Andrew 		m. 
Kratzer, Frederick 	m. 	Susanna 
Kubler, Philip 		m. 	Rosina 
Labar, Alexander 	m. 	Susanna 
Link, 			m. 	? bef 19 Mar 1814 
Longnecker, 		m. 	Elizabeth 
Martin, 		m. 	Elizabeth 
Mayer, Joseph 		m. 	Maria 
Merwin, John 		m. 	Amelia 
Metzger, John 		m. 	Hannah 
Metzger, John 		m. 	Sarah 
Miller, Frederick 	m. 	Maria 
Miller, John 		m. 	Sarah 
Miller, Peter 		m. 	Maria bef. 1826 
Miller, William 	m. 	Catharine 
Morn, John 		m. 	Magdalena 
Orel, Peter 		m. 
Pickle, Christian 	m. 	Henrietta 
Pratz, George 		m. 	Catharine 
Pratz/Pratt, George 	m. 	Maria 
Pratz/Pratt, Nicholas 	m. 	Catharine 
Pratt/Pratz, T. 	m. 
Reiher/Reiber, George 	m. 	Catharine 
Roth, Jacob 		m. 
Schaffer, Jacob 	m. 	Susanna 
Schaffer, Jacob 	m. 	Catharine 
Schafer, James 		m. 	Susanna 
Schafer, Peter 		m. 	Lydia 
Schuhman, Jacob 	m. 	---- 
Schwartz, Peter 	m. 	Catharine 
Sly, Michael 			m. Margaret lived Elmira, Chemung County. 
Smith, David 		m. 	Elizabeth 
Smith, Henry 		m. 	Catharine 
Smith, John 		m. 	Sarah 
Smith, William 
Snober, John 		m. 	Elizabeth 
Snyder, Abel 		m. 	Lavina 
Snyder, Henry 		m. 	Maria 
Snyder, Melchoir 	m. 	Susanna 
Snyder, Rudolph 	m. 	Maria 
Snyder, Simon 		m. 	Susanna 
Stecher, Melchoir 	m. 	Elizabeth 
Stein, John 		m. 
Stengler, Henry 	m. 
Teeter, Jonathan 	m. 	Jemima 
Teeter, Samuel 		m. 	Elizabeth 
Wagner, John 		m. 	Susanna 
Worsler, Wil 

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